[2024] Vending Machine for Sale in India: How to get one?

Hello everyone, We get a lot of queries from people who are looking to buy vending machines or searching for a vending machine for sale in India to start a new vending machine business or put this at their places.

A vending machine is not a very new concept in India but most of the machines were not so smart, equipped with manual cash & coin payment system, having lots of issues like refunds, monitoring, etc.

Due to technological advancements, vending machines are now super advance and smart and can dispense almost anything. 

First of all, it is important for everyone to understand the different models through which one can get a vending machine. There are many vendors and manufacturers of vending machines in India who are providing vending machines of different sizes, capacities, prices, etc.


How to get a Vending machine?

There are different models through which vending machine suppliers and manufacturers are providing vending machines to their clients and customers. 

  • Rental: You can get a vending machine for rent by paying a monthly rental to the company.


  • Purchase: One can start a food business by buying a vending machine directly from the vendors. (Not recommended)


  • Franchise: Get a Vending machine franchise and manage your vending machine business.


Should you buy a Vending Machine?


It depends on your requirement. 

If you are planning to install only 1-2 vending machines and are confident that you can manage and operate it on your own, then you can opt to buy a vending machine. (Not recommended though)

We suggest even if you are buying only 1 vending machine then also you should become a partner with the company under a franchise model to get all the help & support always. 

A sale is a one-time affair where you buy a vending machine from a vendor and then there is no guarantee of after-sale support or any other kind of help from the vendor to grow your business and earn revenues.


Vending Machine for sale:


You can buy a vending machine from any vendor or manufacturer but getting a vending machine is not enough to operate it. You would need technology, software, apps, vendor tie-ups, customer care, location acquisition support, marketing support, etc. to run and scale your vending machine business efficiently.

At Daalchini we do not just sell only a Vending Machine, we provide end-to-end support to everyone to start a vending machine business through our franchise model. Our franchise partners get all the necessary help and support to start & operate a successful vending machine business.

We provide complete handholding to the partners, we share our experience and learning of running a successful vending machine business. 

We provide vending machines in a “franchise model” in which you pay for the cost of vending machines but along with vending machines you get other important additional support that is required to start, set up, and operate the vending machine business. 




If you have decided not to buy a vending machine, then you should choose to go with a “Franchise Business model” without any second thought. 

Become Daalchini Vending Machine Franchise Partner with Lowes cost, high returns, and faster payback. Daalchini provides a low-cost vending machine franchise opportunity that makes your start easier & simpler with more surety of success. 


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