How to Start a Vending Machine Business in India? [Feb’24]

In this blog, we are going to talk about the important steps to starting a Vending Machine Business in India.

Lots of business organizations, educational institutes, hospitals, hotels, etc. are now looking for contactless, hygiene, and safe buying options.

Starting up a vending machine business is becoming an attractive and profitable investment option for both new and experienced entrepreneurs providing people the on-go simple, convenient, instant, and affordable food.

But the million-dollar question is How? And this ‘how’ has many layers. There are a plethora of questions that come under the umbrella of this ‘how’.

In this blog, we will be addressing these questions and will carve out the answers by the end.


How to start a vending machine business in India?


Step 1. Figure out your target audience

Figuring out who you want availing of the service and the products is imperative. It can be working professionals, school or college students, healthcare staff and doctors in a hospital, or fitness enthusiasts.

By figuring out your target audience, you would be able to place products as per their requirements which further helps in increasing sales.


Step 2. Choose what you want to sell

Once you’ve figured out the target customers, you then need to figure out what the consumers want, and what line of products you want to sell in your vending machine.

Refilling products in the vending machine as per the customer’s requirements and demand is the best way to make good profits and also provide a good user experience.

For example, in a hospital, you can provide water bottles, ready-to-eat products, snacks, juices, etc. In an office, you can provide fresh food for breakfast and lunch. In a gym, you can provide products like energy bars, energy drinks, fruit salads, etc.

Daalchini helps you in connecting with all leading, established, and new-age D2C brands and vendors to procure all types of products like snacks, beverages, cookies, chocolates, ready-to-eat, etc. We help you in getting all these products at the best possible margins. 


Step 3: Choose the right location 

The most important thing in vending machine business is choosing the right place to install your vending machines. A location with good daily footfall would be ideal to get good sales every month.

Consider the areas where you have personally purchased anything from a vending machine, for example, airports, railway stations, workplaces, hospitals, etc.

If your machine is not placed properly in right place, no one will ever buy anything from it. Always remember that your vending machine’s position must correspond to the products it sells, and the more foot traffic you have, the better.


Step 4. Get the necessary licenses

You may need to have licenses like FSSAI, GST, Trade license, etc. to operate and manage your vending machine business without any issue or hassle.

We have already created a video on all licenses you would need for a vending machine business. Click here to watch this video.


Step 5: Get your vending machine

You can’t just start your vending machine business unless you have one first.

Daalchini provides you with smart vending machines with the latest technology starting at Rs.1.5 lakhs only. 

Our vending machines are equipped with all the important features like contactless ordering, remote monitoring, digital payments, etc.

You can select the vending machine that best fits the products you wish to sell and which suits your current budget.


Other things which you should always keep in mind while running your vending machine business:

  • Update the products according to what the consumers want – observe and monitor consumer behavior patterns and take feedback.
  • Keep your machine stocked
  • Do regular audits and maintenance of your vending machines to provide a seamless buying experience.
  • Offer diversified payment methods.


Why is Daalchini the best option to start your vending machine business?


To kickstart your business with Daalchini you will have to make an initial investment of Rs.1.5 lakhs for 1 vending machine.

There is a vacuum in the market for fresh, home-cooked, healthy meals for working professionals and with Daalchini, you can bridge that gap.

Daalchini has a robust supply chain, ensuring the quality of the food being made available. We make sure that all the FSSAI norms and regulations are followed.

We provide 24*7 customer support and are here to help you with all and every query that you might have.

The vending machine business has proven to be successful all around the world. With it just taking off in India, this is the right time to invest and become a part of what is sure to be the next best thing in the unmanned retail space.

Reach out to us today, to start your vending machine business today!

Thank You.


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