Vending Machine for colleges in India

Get a smart vending machine for college and universities from Daalchini

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Built a strong client base of 100+ start-ups, co-working spaces, large MNCs, hospitals, educational institutes, and residential complexes

We have partnered with Bennet University, Master Union School of Business, JK Business School, Lloyd College, Plaksha University, and many others.

We are India’s largest provider of smart vending machines for Colleges and Universities in India. We provide snacks and beverage vending machines, Fresh food vending machines, stationery vending machines to Colleges.

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Benefits of Vending Machines in colleges:

  • Vending Machines works like a 24*7 tuck shop
  • Snacks, Beverages, Water bottles, Ready-to-Eat products, Juices, Milk Tetra Packs, etc. are available
  • 24*7 Customer Support for any help and assistance
  • No Need to go outside the campus for any food product
  • Products refilled based on student’s feedback & suggestions
  • Convenience

    24*7 availability of items for snacking needed for customers within 200 meters through smart vending machines.


    Explore new and upcoming brands and experience them through smart vending machines.


    Avail food and beverages in every category – frozen/chilled meals, savories, beverages, and desserts


    Instant gratification product without paying for delivery charges or waiting time for delivery.

    Steps to get a vending machine for your office

  • Fill the above form
  • Our team will contact you for more details
  • Daalchini team will visit the site to check the feasibility
  • The agreement will be signed
  • The machine will be installed within 48 hours after signing the agreement
  • What Our Customers Say

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    Assistant Director at E&Y

    I see a lot of vending machines where only packed food is sold. But, it is important as employees also to keep a check on our health and watch what we eat. I loved Daalchini’s healthy meal and snack options so much that I decided to decision to on-board their vending machine within the office premises.

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    Lead-Operations, CoWrks

    Love the concept of getting home-style food away from home. Daalchini kiosk is a great addition to our co-working space, cheers to the Team for making sure that fresh meals are available round the clock.

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    Community Manager - SproutBox Suryavils (Delhi)

    We are quite pleased with the quality and taste of your food and its quite on the reasonable side. Your rolls and Pav Bhaji is every Coworkers favourite. Keep up the good work Team.


    We provide all 6-meals of the day from snacks, beverages, juices, fresh food like Paratha, Vada Pav, Poha, Idli, Rajma Rice, etc. to homemade snacks. We have over 600+ varieties of products.

    The machine’s dimensions are 6*3*2.5 (L*W*D). It does not need much space. It can be installed inside the cafeteria and around workstations/floor also.

    Yes, we do charge monthly rentals from the client to provide our service to them. The rentals depend on the kind of location and footfall.

    We have 50+ digital payment options available on our smart vending machines including Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe, Net banking, Debit/Credit cards, Sodexo, Business payments, etc.

    Yes. We have this option available on the Daalchini consumer app where you can pre-book any product you want to buy from the vending machine and then go to the vending machine to pick up the order in the next 30 minutes.

    It is absolutely safe to buy and use Daalchini vending machines. We follow all COVID protocols like sanitation of vending machines, displaying a refilling temperature of our staff who refilled the vending machines, all our staff is fully or partially vaccinated. So, be assured and use Daalchini without any hesitation.

    Vending Machines for Colleges

    As a developing country, the youth is our biggest asset. We have the highest working population in the whole world and in order for them to unlock their full potential, they need to be provided a quality education. There are over 45,000 colleges in India, both private and government.

    Why vending machines for colleges are a good idea?

    Students have a lot of academic workloads and often don’t have time to look for healthy meal options. They want to have a healthy meal, at reasonable prices and don’t want to compromise on taste. They are mostly on the run trying to make it in time for their classes and a quick drink or snack is what they are usually looking for to meet their nutrient requirements for the day. Daalchini already has its kiosks at several leading universities like Bennet University, Master Union School of Business, Plaksha University to name a few and the response has been positive.

    Why is Daalchini the best option to get vending machines for colleges?

    Daalchini has a robust supply chain, ensuring the quality of the food being made available. We make sure that all the FSSAI norms and regulations are being followed. We have several meal options to offer along with a huge assortment of snacks, fresh bakery items, and beverages. The kiosks offer a plethora of different payment options for the same. Daalchini is an established brand that will provide you with the best of the best. We provide round-the-clock customer support and are here to help you with all and every query that you might have. We take pride in being a ‘customer first company. Get in touch with us to get your first vending machine.