Pani Puri Vending Machines: Cost & Features [2022]

As a country full of people who thrive and survive on delicious street food, the coronavirus pandemic was quite a shock for us!

We had to become overly cautious of the food items we consumed and hygiene was the top priority.

But as people who eat not for sustenance but for its taste, we had to figure out a way to have our beloved street snacks again.

Enter vending machines, the messiah, the saviors! They let you buy products and eliminate the need for human contact altogether.

But would a vending machine be able to handle it? Well, worry not because the answer is yes!

Panipuri vending machines have been around for a while but their popularity has sky-rocketed post-pandemic.

They are super hygienic and contactless and hence safe. 

Initially, vending machines only carried packaged snacks but now they carry all kinds of products and yes, even panipuri!


The Pani puri vending machine

It is a machine that hygienically serves panipuri to consumers.

Panipuri is a popular Indian appetizer that is fried or baked flour, edible containers served with various spicy and sweet flavored water and sauces.

The machine has storage tanks that store the different types of flavored water to go with the baked or fried puris.

Therefore the panipuri vending machines are available in different volume capacities i.e that can hold 20L, 50 L, and so on.

The vending machines can be customized according to the requirements. 

They usually have 3 nozzles that dispense the flavored water and storage space for the ‘puris’. This can be customized to up to 7 nozzles and to accommodate more volume capacity.


Pani puri vending machine features:

The machine has storage tanks that the vendors can fill and then a simple network of pipes connected at the end with a nozzle can dispense the water as and when required.

Depending on the number of flavored waters you have. The number of nozzles can be added or reduced.

These machines have a healthy water holding capacity, anywhere from 10L to 25 L.

The tanks are made from high-grade materials, usually, stainless steel, and are sturdy and easy to clean and maintain.

The power consumption is also not very high and the machines can function on electricity.


Panipuri vending machine working process:

The consumer pays the amount using various payment modes like Paytm, credit cards, debit cards, UPI, etc, and then can use the machine to collect their ‘puris’ first, and then the smart nozzles dispense the right amount of flavored water for you. 

You can either collect it together in a disposable cup or individually while you consume each puri. 

The entire process is very efficient and free from the human touch which adds that extra layer of security that many people are looking for.

There is also a type of machine that sells pre-packaged packets of puris as well as ones that allow you to buy the quantity that you want to. You can choose accordingly.


Panipuri vending machine cost:

The panipuri vending machines are comparatively cheaper than the traditional vending machines as the mechanism is not very complicated and the manufacturing process is also fairly simple.

Panipuri vending machines can cost anywhere between INR 10K to 50K depending on the type of machine that you want to buy and the different customizations that you might need.


Is Panipuri vending machine profitable?

Much like all other vending machines that have reported healthy profit margins, panipuri vending machines are no different.

They do not require a lot of initial investment and the maintenance is not as difficult. And owing to the popularity of the snack and the right location, the profits should start pouring in!

Since the machines do not require a human operator, you can apply your energy in expanding your business!


Panipuri vending machine location:

All the places which are visited by a huge volume of people on a daily are the perfect places. 

They can also be placed at fast food outlets so that the customers can avail the service and buy the product without any human interactions.

Music festivals, amusement parks, and even food truck spaces are all great places for placing a panipuri vending machine.



Automatic Panipuri vending machines are the answer to your panipuri woes! 

The popularity of this snack is never going to decline and thus there is always going to be a very high demand for the same and a vending machine is a smart, safe and efficient way to give the people what they want!


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