Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine in India [March’24]

Hi, In this blog, we are going to talk about a very important use case of vending machines. We have covered “Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine” in this blog. 

We all have heard about vending machines dispensing snacks, beverages, fresh foods, energy bars, etc. but a vending machine can also be used for dispensing sanitary napkins or pads. 

Yes, you heard it right. Sanitary napkins Vending Machines are very useful for places like schools, colleges, hostels, PGs, public places, etc.

According to the National Family Health Survey 2015-2016, India menstruating women are roughly 336 million, with just 121 million using a sanitary pad or sanitary napkin during their periods.

During their periods, just 36% of Indian women use pads. There are a variety of reasons why just 36% of women use sanitary pads during their periods, but the most common cause is that they do not have access to sanitary pads during their periods.

There was a scarcity of resources when the Covid Pandemic struck the world. Even women found it difficult to get a sanitary pad during their periods, so they were compelled to use a cloth or a napkin.

The most convenient way for women to access sanitary napkins is to use a sanitary napkin vending machine.


So, What is a sanitary napkin Vending Machine?


It is a vending machine that allows people to get sanitary napkins and pads by paying via digital payments or cash & coins.

This is a very essential vending machine for women working in offices & factories, studying in schools & colleges, and staying in the hostel and PGs.

During the menstrual period cycle, it becomes very important. One can get a sanitary pad within a minute, without going outside or waiting for someone to deliver it. Also, a sanitary napkin vending machine works 24*7 so availability is never an issue.


The need for Sanitary napkin vending machines


There is a stigma associated with periods and sanitary napkins. Women feel like they need to keep it all hush-hush. This is a very unfortunate situation.

Without proper awareness and lack of knowledge, they use unsafe and unhygienic alternatives like clothes, leaves, etc. These pose a very high risk to their health.

Sanitary napkin vending machines are the answer to this problem.

With sanitary napkin vending machines, women can just go and collect or purchase the product.

Period products are usually very expensive and thus inaccessible, providing the products at subsidized rates in the vending machines is a step in the right direction to alleviate period poverty. 

Providing free pads from sanitary napkin vending machines can be a very good step towards achieving this goal. It will be very useful to the government. Schools or rural areas where affordable sanitary napkins are not available.

Having a sanitary napkin vending machine in offices is going to allow the women employees to feel more comfortable in their workspace. They will feel more content and this might affect their productivity as well.


Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine cost


A simple sanitary napkin machine can cost anywhere between Rs.5000 to Rs.25,000 but a more advanced automatic version can cost more than Rs.50,000. The price may vary from supplier to supplier and the model of the machine. 

One can get a sanitary napkin vending machine on a monthly rental as well.

Daalchini provides a smart vending machine for all the health and hygiene products like sanitary pads, Underarm Sweat Pads, Multi-Use Wet Wipes, Reusable Menstrual cups for Women, Feminine Pain Relief Patches, Disposable Urination devices for Women & more.


Benefits of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine:


There is no human interaction with the sanitary pad delivery mechanism, there is no risk of infection. Napkins of various sizes are available at any time when a menstruation emergency arises.

When there is a shortage of sanitary pads, the machine will send an alert to restock the pads. The process of adding sanitary pads of one’s choice safely and securely is very easy and quick.

For simple and private access, a sanitary napkin vending machine can be wall-mounted in a women’s toilet facility. 

The IoT-enabled components ensure that real-time and detailed reporting on the number of sanitary pads distributed and the amount collected is available online.


Sanitary Napkins vending machine locations


Sanitary napkin vending machines can be placed at any and all places that are frequented by women. Some of the places are:

  • Schools, College & Hostels
  • Public toilets
  • Offices
  • Railway Stations & Airports
  • Hotels & Hospitals

Inaccessibility to period products and period poverty are both serious social issues. Sanitary napkin vending machines are a step in the right direction. These machines can also be used to create awareness and get the conversation around periods going which is a necessity.

If you want a vending machine for health products and sanitary pads, reach out to us today!


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  1. Amol says:

    Hi Daalchini team,
    Thanks for publishing such informative information.
    I’m planing to donate Sanitary Napkin/pad Vending Machines to my school.
    Can you please let me know the process and price for the same ?

    Amol Ray.

  2. mumbai enviro solutions says:

    good afternoon sir / madam we are form Mumbai enviro solutions ,(MES) is start company working in the sector of domestic hazardous waste (DHW) in association with Brihanmumbai municipal corporation MES is conducting a joint project program in all the ward of Mumbai that propose we required sanitary napkin and its vending machines so please send your product list and cost of it . kindly send all details of your product thank you


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