Pizza vending machine – Price & Features [2023]

You are super hungry and tired, it’s late and you are craving delicious pizza! Any restaurants that serve half-decent pizza are closed for the night and you really really want some pizza! 

Imagine if you could just get delicious, freshly baked pizza in less than 5 minutes and it’s also completely hygienic and untouched by human hands and therefore completely safe to consume!!

It sounds like a dream, does it not?

Well open your eyes and stop dreaming because this is a reality!


What is a pizza vending machine? 

Since vending machines have been so popular, someone out there thought, why not have a vending machine that bakes fresh pizzas for you!

A pizza vending machine, as the name suggests, is a vending machine that allows you to buy freshly baked pizzas without any hassle!

All this mechanization and technology can sound very daunting to understand, let us simplify it for you!


How does the Pizza Vending machine work?


1. The consumer chooses the type of pizza that they want and places the order either directly through the machine or through an app.

2. They can then choose to pay through either e-wallets, credit or debit cards, UPI transfer payments, or scan a QR code to complete the payment.

3. The machine also accepts currency which is cash and coins.

4. After this, the machine kneads fresh dough, applies the sauce, puts the toppings of vegetables and cheese, bakes the pizza at the perfect temperature, and serves it to you fresh and hot.

Just like that! It is that easy!


Features of a Pizza Vending Machine


The Pizza vending machine has the option of having a transparent or glass panel so that you can actually see the entire process which intrigues the consumers even more while maintaining the transparency of the process at the same time.

The machine also carries side dishes like fries, ice cream, etc. so you can have a well-rounded meal.

Instead of waiting at a chain restaurant for your food which can take anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes, you can directly order from a vending machine.

Even for the vendors or the pizza companies, this is a great way to make your pizzas available to a wider audience.

There is also a type of machine that carries pre-made pizza slices and heats them up for the consumers when the order is placed.


Pizza vending machines cost


You can buy a pizza vending machine from anywhere between 2.5 lakhs to 4.5 lakhs depending on your requirements.

This is a comparatively new concept in India but its rapidly gaining popularity. The machines are a little localized right now but this is just the beginning.

The IRCTC is working towards enhancing the quality and variety of snacks available for the passengers and the Mumbai railway station already has one!


Pizza Vending machines for businesses


Pizza vending machines are a great option for pizza chain owners who are planning to expand on limited funds. 

One pizza store owner can expand their business by investing in a vending machine. This will allow them to increase their revenue, build their brand and increase brand visibility. They can also make more profits by renting out their advertising space. 

The vending machines save a lot of additional costs of renting, cost of electricity, wages of employees, etc. this will allow them to have better profit margins and have a profitable business.


Is the Pizza Vending Machine profitable?


The initial investment might be slightly higher than traditional vending machines but the returns are also higher! 

With regular maintenance and consistently maintaining the quality of food, you need not worry about anything more.

The concept is comparatively new in India but has seen immense success in other countries. Several vendors reported extremely high profits!


Pizza vending machine Franchise:


Currently, in India, there is only one company that offers this service. The company is called YessPizza and they are gradually expanding.


Pizza Vending machine locations:


Setting up a vending machine at crowd favorite places and at places where people visit very often is way less expensive than having to go through the entire process of setting up a restaurant.

Pizza vending machines can be installed in malls, shopping complexes, amusement parks where people want to avoid long waits and are looking for quick food options.

This way people get a taste of your product and you can keep making profits!


Smart Pizza vending machines:


Smart pizza vending machines not only allow you to have pizza anytime you want but also allow you to pay using various different payment modes!

You can use your phones to pay (using QR code), pay using e-wallets, your cards, both debit, and credit.

They also allow you to choose your order through smart screens or directly through the app on your phone.



As people are looking for alternative ways to consume their food products and interact with retail, vending machines are going to be and in some ways already are the next big thing.

The pizza industry is a Billion Dollar industry and is growing by the day.

People are always going to want to have delicious pizza and are going to look for efficient ways to consume it and PIzza vending machines are the first step in the right direction.


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