Kidzee Franchise in India: Cost, Profit & Process [Feb’24]

It is very rightly said by Mark Twain that, “The man who does not read books has no advantage over the one who cannot read them.” In such a rapidly changing and developing world, education is the foundation of every innovation. In this blog, we are going to talk about “Kidzee Franchise in India” with its cost and process. 

Education is indeed a passport to the future and hence should be given the topmost priority since the earliest of age. Both factual knowledge and cognition skills enhance dramatically if early education is provided to a young and budding soul.

One of the leading names accomplishing this deed in India is Kidzee. Kidzee is the largest preschool chain in India, imparting the best level of education in the form of factual knowledge and cognitive skills to the young generation.

Kidzee aims towards delivering quality Early Childhood Care and Education 

(ECCE) to the kids at a young age. 

India recorded an annual turnover of USD 3.8 Bn of the preschool industry in 2022 with over 30,000 preschools operating in the country. With the growing significance of childcare in India due to the nuclear setups in urban centres, the preschool and childcare industry is likely to project a market value of more than USD 7 Bn by 2028, making preschool franchises one of the most profitable and fruitful ventures in India.

Let’s take a brief look at how you can play a part in the welfare of the future generations as well as experience a no cap money flow by investing in India’s largest and leading preschool chain, Kidzee.


Beginning of Kidzee

Kidzee preschools situated in India and Nepal and backed by Zee Learn Ltd. was established in 2003 with the goal of delivering the best quality of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) to the budding generation of India. 

According to a Census carried out in 2011, India acquires 158.7 Million children who fall below the age group of six years in need of ECCE for a better and brighter future. To meet such a large demand, Kidzee stepped in to initiate accessibility to quality early education. 

Over time, Kidzee has significantly increased its presence across the markets situated in both southern and eastern parts of India.



Kidzee Play Schools

Kidzee currently acquires more than 2000 centres in over 750 cities. Kidzee has offered the best quality of education and nurturing to 1.4 Million students all over India.

Kidzee offers 3 sorts of unique programs or models where the children are educated with frolic, depending on the child’s age group. The three sorts  of models are-

  • Play Group- 1.5 to 2.5 Years old
  • Nursery- 2.5 to 3.5 Years old
  • Kindergarten- 3.5 to 5.5 Years old

Kidzee expanded to Nepal with the establishment of 7 Kidzee preschools in 2014, entering the Himalayan Kingdom.



Kidzee Recognition & Awards

Kidzee has been bestowed upon with various honours, let’s take a look at them year-wise:


  • 2020:
  1. National Early Child Preschool Chain of the Year: 10th Annual Indian Education Award 2020

2. Leading Preschool Chain: 17th World Education Summit 2020


  • 2021:
  1. India’s Most Trusted Preschool: TRA’s Brand Trust Report, 2021


  • 2022:
  1. India’s Most Trusted Preschool: TRA’s Brand Trust Report, 2022

2. Ranked Amongst the Top 100 Franchise Opportunities, 2022: Franchise India



Reasons to Choose a Kidzee Franchise in India

  • Kidzee is the market leader.
  • Kidzee has a strong brand lineage of 20 years.
  • Kidzee is the largest preschool chain.
  • Kidzee has a proven business model.
  • Kidzee offers one of the most advanced curriculums.
  • Kidzee offers 4 layers of support.
  • Kidzee is the best in class pedagogy.
  • Kidzee offers operational support.
  • Kidzee offers academic support.
  • Kidzee is the most awarded preschool in the category.
  • Kidzee offers training to the franchisees.
  • Kidzee offers a well thought out layout plan.
  • Kidzee offers project support to the franchisees.


Kidzee Franchise Cost & ROI

While the investments depend greatly upon the location, model type, footfall etc, here’s an estimate of the costing of a Kidzee franchise-

To own a Kidzee franchise, an investment of INR 12 L to 15 L is required.

Whereas the space requirement for a Kidzee Franchise is 2000 to 3000 sq. ft.

Other expenses to own a Baskin Robbins franchise include ambience and equipment costs, advertisement fee,  etc.


Steps to Apply for a Kidzee Franchise


STEP 1:  Visit the official website of Kidzee ( ).

STEP 2: On the official website of Kidzee, you will come across a franchise form.

STEP 3: Fill the form with the necessary details including name, contact details, address etc and submit it.

STEP 4: After the submission of franchise form, sit back and wait for the Kidzee’s team to approve your request and proceed further.

STEP 5: If you’re approved, a meeting will be fixed with the Kidzee team.

STEP 6: On day 5, you will be required to finalize the location of your Kidzee preschool franchise.

STEP 7: On day 22, you will be required to sign up with Kidzee’s team, to establish your very own Kidzee preschool.

STEP 8: On day 45, get ready to inaugurate your Kidzee preschool franchise.


For further queries, you can contact the Kidzee franchise team through the following email, .


Eligibility Criterion for a Kidzee Franchise


  • Enthusiasm and passion towards the business.
  • Good financial credibility
  • 100% commitment towards Kidzee.
  • Adequate capitalisation and financial stability to maintain and develop the Kidzee preschool.
  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • A long-term and strategic vision to enhance their franchise models.
  • A minimum investment capital of INR 12 L to 15 L ready.
  • A minimum space of 2000 to 3000 sq. ft. available.
  • While there isn’t any dedicated legislation or certification for establishing a play school in India, but it is crucial to carefully examine relevant laws such as the Private School Education Acts implemented by State Governments. These laws may mandate the registration and licensing of playschools, necessitating compliance with specific regulations.


Training Requirements for a Kidzee Franchise

  • Staff required to operate a Kidzee preschool franchise include 1 principal, 1 vice-principal, 2-3 amahs, 3-4 office staff, and a security guard.
  • All inclusive, the total number of staff members required to operate a Kidzee preschool franchise ranges from 40 to 45.
  • 15 teachers per batch alongside 1 trainer is the strength to deliver effective and efficient learning.
  • Training of the teachers are sub-divided into 3 months of theoretical training and 1 month of on-field internship.
  • Kidzee offer 60 to 80 hours of training sessions to the faculty members including the teachers to enable them to deliver the best quality of education to each and every children as per their needs.
  • Minimum eligibility to take up the above mentioned training programmes is H.S.C. passed and over the age of 18 years.



Children are one-third of our population and all of our future. Money is meant to be spent wisely and for the best of causes, so we’re providing you the opportunity to spend your bucks for the betterment of India’s future. We encourage you to go ahead, and commence your entrepreneurial journey with a great cause!

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