30+ D2C Brands in India: Funding & Profit [May’24]

Hi everyone, In this blog post, we are going to discuss the top emerging and growing D2C Brands in India along with their products, funding, founders, area of operations, revenue, profit, valuation, etc.

Dominating the business world, presently more than 900 D2C brands in multiple categories including fashion, grocery, healthcare, fitness, food, skincare, electronics, accessories, and cosmetics have swiftly made a name for themselves in India.

After experiencing a significant growth in prior years, and with a $44.6 Bn valuation in 2021, the D2C market of India is likely to reach the size of $100 Bn by the year 2025. 

The recent epidemic has played a big hand in the advancement of D2C brands in India, by diverging consumers towards online retail. India with more than 190 Million digital shoppers has secured the 3rd position all over the world for the largest online shopping base. 

Many celebrities have also commenced investment in D2C brands including Phool backed by Alia Bhatt, Mokobara backed by Deepika Padukone, and Rage Coffee backed by Virat Kohli. 


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What Are D2C Brands?

Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) Brands are companies who have forked from the traditional retail distribution networks, and acquire a direct connection with its consumers. The producers are the sole distributors!

Unlike B2B (Business-To-Business) and B2C (Business-To-Consumer) business models, D2C capture, collect and combine customer data.

A D2C business model acquires full authority over their profit margins. From producing to packing to shipping, D2C brands set their own profit margins without having to share with a third-party (middleman), offering price benefits to the consumers.


D2C Brands in India


Stimulated by the standard meridian, 82°30 passing through India, moulding our relations with the whole world, the company 82°E came into being.

82°E is a modern-day skincare celebrity brand co-founded by Deepika Padukone and Jigar Shah. Composition of each product consists of Indian ingredients infused with scientific compound(s). 

Formulations are performed in own laboratories by in-house R&D experts.

The D2C brand was launched on November 10, 2022, with skincare as its inaugural category. The debut products included ‘Patchouli Glow’ sunscreen drops and ‘Ashwagandha Bounce’ moisturiser standing at a decent price of INR 1,800 for 30ml and INR 2,700 for 50ml respectively. A 3rd product named ‘Bakuchiol Slip’ face oil was added, followed by many more additions. 

Headquartered in Mumbai, 82°E raised a whopping $7.5 M in seed funding from investors like DSG consumer partners, IDEO investors etc. 

With the total funding standing at INR 600 M currently, cofounder Jigar Shah, predicted an annual revenue rate (ARR) of INR 100 Cr in the  6-8 months of the launch.



Diverging from the present sophisticated and classy fashion portals, Bewakoof came into being to promote the idea of being ‘fashionably silly’. 

Bewakoof, commenced in 2012 by Prabhkiran Singh and Siddharth Munot is India’s largest D2C fashion e-commerce platform. Bewakoof was launched as a pocket-friendly clothing brand offering trendy and modern apparel, which appealed to the millennials. 

But soon after experiencing a massive success, Bewakoof expanded their collection by introducing notebooks, bags & backpacks, mobile phone covers, premium glass covers and electronic audio. Their growth captured the attention of major production houses, helping them bag collaborations with bollywood blockbusters like ‘Sholay’, ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’, ‘Gunday’ etc. 

In addition to this national success, Bewakoof was able to make a name for themselves internationally through collaborations with gigantic names like Garfield, Archie, SpongeBob, DC, Disney, Marvel etc.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Bewakoof recently received an investment of INR 200 Cr from Aditya Birla’s TMRW, enabling them to acquire the majority stakes. With the total funding standing at INR 1.8 Bn, Bewakoof recorded a revenue of INR 160 Cr in FY22 with losses surge 4x. CEO of the D2C brand is Prabhkiran Singh.


boAt Lifestyle

Co-founded by a ‘Shark Tank’ judge Aman Gupta and Sameer Mehta, boAt Lifestyle is a unicorn startup offering both B2B and D2C business models. BoAt Lifestyle is a home-grown audio-tech brand offering a trendy and decently priced product range including earphones, headphones, speaker, travel charges, smart watches and premium cables, accessible to every indian. 

BoAt Lifestyle was launched in 2016 and is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana. They managed to raise a whopping sum of $60.7 M in their last funding round (series C). The investors who backed boAt were Warburg Pincus and Malabar Investments.

Currently, their total funding stands at $177 M with a revenue worth INR 2873 Cr FY22 and profit dip worth 20%.

BoAt Lifestyle acquires 2 organisations, including TAGG and KaHa Pte. Aman Gupta is the CMO of the D2C brand.



Caratlane, established in 2008 by Avnish Anand, Gurukeerthi Gurunathan, Srinivasa Gopalan and Mithun Sacheti is India’s 1st and largest e-commerce jewellery selling site. They deal in every kind of ornament starting from rings to necklaces, including bangles, earrings, bracelets, pendants, chains etc, made of different elements like gold, silver, platinum, diamond for every occasion from casual to formal!

Caratlane, an omnichannel D2C brand was bestowed upon with the title of a unicorn startup in 2016. Caratlane has managed to become one of the most favourite Indian e-commerce retailers by introducing live-streaming and try-at-home services that appeal to a mass audience.

Headquartered in Chennai, Caratlane in its last funding round was acquired for $555.73 M by Titan. Caratlane sits at a total funding of $615.8 M currently, with a revenue of INR 571.24 Cr for the year 2022-23 and EBIT at 6.9%.

Avnish Anand has been appointed as the present CEO of the D2C brand, Caratlane after former CEO Mithun Sacheti walked out. 

  • Website: https://www.caratlane.com
  • Email: contactus@caratlane.com


Country Delight

Country Delight is a D2C brand that aims towards creating a farm-to-home supply chain of milk and other dairy products, using technology. 

Country Delight is known for delivering unadulterated dairy especially milk directly to your doorstep, They work towards enhancing the dairy products and providing efficient and swift delivery of your requested goods.

Country Delight was commenced in 2015 by Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal. It is headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana and bagged a decent sum of $108 M in its last funding round (series D) led by investors like Temasek, Venturi Partners etc.

Total funding of Country Delight stands at $158.2 M with a revenue of INR 543 Cr in FY22 with the losses surge at 6.6x. 



DaMENSCH is one of the rapidly growing e-commerce D2C brands, specialising in premium loungewear and underwear for contemporary men (ideally aged between 25-40). DaMENSCH’s product range includes apparel made of sustainable bamboo fibres, including ‘Neo-Skin’ thermo-regulating vests and ‘Deo-Soft’ odour cancelling underwear. Their most recent packaging is fabricated using corn and is free from any sort of plastic. 

DaMENSH was brought into existence in the year 2018 by Anurag Saboo and Gaurav Pushkar. The D2C brand retails through its very own website (stated below) and other platforms like amazon, myntra, ajio etc.  Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, DaMENSCH raised $16.4 M in its last funding round (series B) led by A91 Partners.

DaMENSCH’s total funding stands at INR 1.9 Bn with the revenue being INR 59.4 Cr in FY22. 


Dot & Key

Dot & Key is a one- stop solution for all skincare issues, serving cruelty-free beauty and skincare products. They offer a range of products including face masks, toner, cleaner, bodycare, haircare and serums formulated using both nature and science. Dot & Key uses both B2C and D2C business models. The brand co-founded in 2018 by Suyash Saraf and Anisha Saraf has expanded its horizons into nutraceuticals under the brand name ’IKWI’.

The D2C brand has promised to offer the most natural skin-friendly usable products, with ingredients being sourced from all over the world. Headquartered in Kolkata, West Bengal, Dot & Key has been recently acquired by Nykaa in the previous year for an undisclosed amount. 

Dot & Key retails their products on their own site and other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. The annual revenue recorded by the brand was $4.32 M as on Mar 31, 2022 and it currently stands on a total funding of $451 M. 

  • Website: https://www.dotandkey.com
  • Email: care@dotandkey.com



Founded in 2007 by Uday Thakker, Rohan Mirchandani, Milap Shah, Rahul Jain and Ganesh Krishnamoorthy, Epigamia is an all-natural Greek yogurt brand, which promises on delivering healthy choices without compromising the taste.

Epigamia offers a wide range of 21 products including greek yogurt smoothies (rich in protein), Mishti doi (traditional indian serving), lactose-free artisanal curd etc.

Epigamia aims towards having the ability to match globally synthesised products. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Epigamia closed its last funding round for $4.39 M (conventional debt round) on Sep, 2022.

Epigamia attained a puny operational profit and closed the FY with a revenue worth $24 M. They plan on furthering their revenue by 50% to touch $36 M by this fiscal year to April 2024. The D2C brand also plans on extending their market to the Middle East by 2025-26. Epigamia stands at a total funding amount of $60.6 M.

Rohan Mirchandani is the CEO of Epigamia.


Heads Up For Tails

Heads Up For Tails (HUFT for short) is an omnichannel D2C brand founded in 2008 by Rashi Narang, Ridhima Coelho and Sandeep Atmaram working towards providing a healthy and ethical lifestyle for Indian pets. They serve a range of products including grooming kits, food ,collars, clothing, harnesses, furniture and leashes for pets. 

Headquartered in New Delhi, HUFT managed to raise $37 M in a series A funding round in 2021 led by investors like Verlinvest and Sequoia Capital India.

Heads Up For Tails recorded a revenue growth of 85.9% from INR 67.5 Cr in FY21 to INR 125.5 Cr in FY22 . Rashi Sanon Narang is the CEO of Heads Up For Tails.

  • Website: https://www.headsupfortails.com
  • Email: hello@headsupfortails.com


Jimmy’s Cocktail

Jimmy’s Cocktail, headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana is a D2C brand providing delicious aid in making pub-like cocktails at home, accessible to all Indians. Jimmy’s Cocktail is a non-alcoholic tasteful beverage, ready-to-consume with or without alcohol. It was founded in 2019 by Ankur Bhatia and Nitin Bhardwaj (COO of the company). 

It is a part of the mixers industry in India, which is expected to grow to INR 7,000 Cr in this decade. Jimmy’s Cocktail raised a whopping sum of $1.83 M in its seed funding round, and closed its last funding round in July, 2023. Its total funding value stands at INR 335 M currently with 30 investors (7 institutional + 23 angels).

Jimmy’s Cocktail retails through their own website but also through other e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Bigbasket etc. After assigning INR  10 Cr on marketing this fiscal, Jimmy’s Cocktail expects to earn a net revenue of INR 50 Cr in the FY23. 



According to a survey, a third of India’s population requires spectacles! With this increasing need of eyewear, lenskart came into being in the year 2010. Founded by Amit Chaudhary, Peyush Bansal, Ramneek Khurana and Sumeet Kapahi, Lenskart is a D2C brand, providing a wide range of eyewear products including sunglasses, prescription eyewear, accessories, contact lenses etc. 

An estimate of over 1.5 M spectacles are sold everyday in India, providing a great amount of help in making lenskart a unicorn. Lenskart operates more than 1,500 omnichannel stores across 175+ cities in Dubai, India and Singapore. 

Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, Lenskart raised a giant sum of $100 M from a private equity firm Chryscapital in their last funding round (Series I), taking their total funding to $1.7 B. Lenskart recorded a loss of INR 102.3 Cr in FY22.

Lenskart acquires 2 organisations, Owndays and DailyJoy.



Licious is a D2C end-to-end business brand, promising to deliver meat and seafood at any point of the day at the comfort of your home. Licious, launched in 2015 is an e-commerce delivery website offering a range of non-veg products including meat, fish, chicken, eggs, seafood and even cold-cuts. Along with the brand Uncrave, Licious has also entered the plant-based meat industry.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Licious was founded by Varun Sadana, Abhay Hanjura and Vivek Gupta. Licious has been declared as the 1st unicorn startup to originate from the D2C segment. Licious raised a sum of $150 M in its last funding round (extended series F) led by Singapore- based Amansa Capital.

The total funding value of licious stands at $489.9 M. Licious recorded a growth of 64.3% in its operating revenue, INR 682.6 Cr in FY22 from INR 415.5 Cr in FY21. 



Mamaearth is a mum-baby friendly D2C brand, producing a wide range of products for the parents, by a parent. Mamaearth is known widely for its toxin-free range of astonishing products including baby-care, body-care and hair-care. Co-founded by Ghazal Alagh and Varun Alagh in the year 2016, Mamaearth has also made it to the list of unicorn startups (since year 2022). 

Headquartered in Gurgaon, Haryana, Mamaearth raised a sum of $759 K in its last funding round (angel round) backed by investors like Shilpa Shetty Kundra. Mamaearth acquires 4 organisations, including Dr. Sheth’s for Indian Skin, BBlunt, Momspresso and Momspresso MyMoney.

With a total funding of $111.6 M, Mamaearth bagged a huge profit of INR 14 Cr in FY22. The recently turned-profitable company has secured a profit of INR 3.67 Cr in the first-half of FY23. 



mCaffeine is India’s 1st caffeinated personal care D2C brand, providing a wide range of cruelty-free, vegan and peta-certified products for all ages of consumers. Founded by Mohit Jain, Saurabh Singhal, Tarun Sharma and Vikas Lacchwan in the year 2016, MCaffeine offers a variety of body, face and hair-care products infused with caffeine at a reasonable amount. 

Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, mCaffeine raised a sum of INR 240 Cr in its last funding round (Series C) led by Paragon Partners with investors including Sharrp Ventures, Singularity Growth Opportunities and existing investors including Amicus Capital Partners and RPSG Capital Ventures.  

MCaffeine faced a revenue surge of 103.3% from INR 66.51 Cr in FY21 to INR 135.23 Cr in FY22. MCaffeine’s total funding stands at $37.5 M. Tarun Sharma is the CEO of the D2C brand. 



Mokobara is a luggage D2C brand backed by Deepika Padukone, and founded in 2019 by Navin Parwal and Sangeet Agarwal. Mokobara is known to provide ‘practically-fashionable’, present-day suitcases, luggages, duffels, backpacks and bags. Mokobara offers a wide variety of adequately- priced check-in luggage. 

Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Mokobara raised $6.5 M in its last funding round (series A) led by Saama Capital, Sauce VC with the participating investors including, Alteria Capital, Panthera Peak Ventures and Good Capital. Mokobara also includes big names of the business industry as its investors including Varun Alagh (Co-founder Mamaearth), founders of licious, Asish Goel (CO-founder Urban Ladder) etc.

Total funding of Mokobara stands at a sum of $6.8M.



Nua is a feminine care D2C brand, founded by Projjol Banerjee, Ravishankar Ramachandra and Swathi Kulkarni in the year 2017. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Nua promises on delivering a better menstrual experience with enhanced hygiene and comfort.  Easily-disposable nua pads are even customisable as per the customer’s preference. Lack of dioxins, bleach and print in the pad make it hazard free and provide a rash-free and leak-free menstrual experience.

Nua bagged a sum of $3.16 M in its last funding round (series A), backed by big investors like Kamini Banga, Kae Capital, Lightbox Ventures, Deepika Padukone etc. 

Nua stands at a total funding of $15.2M. The CEO of Ravishankar Ramachandra.

  • Website: https://www.nuawoman.com
  • Email: care@nuawoman.com 



Offering a product range of 50,000 products, pepperfry is an online lifestyle and home shopping store. Pepperfry is on its journey to become an all- inclusive store to brighten up homes. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra,the D2C brand was co-founded in 2012 by Ambareesh Murty and Ashish Shah. Recently, after the death of Ambareesh Murty, previous COO and co-founder Ashish Shah has been promoted to the position of CEO. With the presence of 75 lakh users, Pepperfry also offers the convenience of cash on delivery option.

Pepperfry raised a sum of $23 M in its last funding round (series F). Pepperfry has 16 institutional investors including Zodius, General Electric, Norwest Venture Partners etc. 

Pepperfry acquires the organisation Brandmakerr. With the total funding standing at $262 M, the revenue from operation in FY21-22 stood at INR 247 Cr, with the losses at INR 194 Cr.



Formerly known as HelpUsGreen, Phool is a biomaterial D2C brand backed by actress Alia Bhatt, founded by Ankit Agarwal in the year 2016. Headquartered in Kanpur, Phool works towards managing and converting floral waste into a variety of products like Organic vermicompost, biodegradable packaging material, charcoal-free incidence sticks and cones etc handcrafted by women.

Phool is a great initiative as alongside treating the floral waste problems, it also gives employment to the marginalised. Phool in its last funding round (series A) led by Sixth Sense Ventures raised a sum of  $8 M backed by existing investors Alia BHatt and the IAN fund etc.

Phool recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding/ grant from the department of Science and Technology. With the total funding standing at $12.6 M, Phool generated a revenue of $2.07 M in the FY21-22.



Plum is a D2C brand offering a range of cruelty-free, non-toxic and vegan, beauty and grooming products including makeup, skincare and haircare. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Plum was founded by Shankar Prasad in the year 2013. Plum has a wide range of network all over India with reachability to 350 towns and cities along with 1,500 assisted outlets and 3,500 unassisted outlets. It too acquires 500 (stock-keeping units), and has availability in 15 countries. Plum is one of the present-day soonicorns.

Plum raised a sum of $94.9 K in its last funding round (Angel round). Plum presently has 5 investors including Unilever Ventures, Faering Capital, A91 Partners etc.

Close to being EBITDA positive, plum stands at a total funding of $51.9 M. Plum generated a revenue of INR 250 Cr in the FY22 and aims to 2x its revenue to INR 500 Cr in FY23.


Power Gummies

Powered by happiness and backed by science’, Power Gummies is a D2C nutraceutical brand offering gummy candies packed with top quality vitamins. They aim towards making health a delicious and full of frolic regime. Lacking the horrid taste of medicine, power gummies is an appetizing alternative for the intake of necessary supplements. Headquartered in Delhi and founded by Divij Bajaj (CEO) in the year 2018, Power Gummies have inspired a huge number of influencers and celebrities. 

Power Gummies in their last funding round (series A) led by 9unicorns raised a sum of $6 M with participating investors including NB Ventures, Vcats, DSG Consumer Partners, Sharpp Ventures and WIPRO Consumers. 

With a 6x increase, Power Gummies recorded a revenue of INR 54 Cr in FY22 from INR 8.8 Cr in the previous year.  The D2C brand stands at a total funding of $9.05 M as of now. Ankit Chaudhary is the COO of Power Gummies


Rage Coffee

Keeping natural ingredients as the core, Rage Coffee is a D2C brand providing a fusion of coffee and caffeine–based products with plant-based vitamins. Founded by Bharat Sethi in the year 2018 and backed by Virat Kohli, Rage Coffee works with 6 plant-based vitamins including Panax Ginseng, i-theanine, Rhodiola, i-glutamine, Rosea etc to provide a wide variety of flavours including hazelnut, chocolate, orange and caramel. Rage Coffee is a one stop shop for all coffee-lovers.

Headquartered in Delhi, Rage Coffee raised a sum of $4.2 M in its last funding round (series A). Rage Coffee records a sum of 19 investors including Sixth Sense Venture, Virat Kohli, Refex Capital Fund etc.

With a revenue target of INR 92 Cr in FY23, Rage Coffee closed FY22 with a revenue of INR 23.5 Cr, 5x of the previously recorded revenue of INR 4.5 Cr in FY21. Rage Coffee’s total funding stands at $9.8 M.




Offering 100% cruelty-free makeup, Renee is an Indian D2C brand founded by former actress- Aashka Goradia Goble, Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah in the year 2019. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, Renee is reevaluating the beauty standards in India with its high quality products. Aashka Goradia is a firm believer in expressing oneself in every hue, shade and tones through beauty cosmetics. Because of the same, Renee aims towards creating such a makeup line that empowers women to enjoy their bold personality and let their glam take control through the products of their beauty line including, lips, eyes, face and inclusive combos.

Renee’s last funding round (series C) was held in early 2023 for an undisclosed amount with the participation of 3 new investors including Edelweiss, Equanimity Investments and Evolvence India. 

With the total funding standing at $36.5 M, Renee is aiming towards raising their revenue to INR 200 Cr by the end of FY23 and further raise it to INR 500 Cr in FY24.


Sugar Cosmetics

With premium quality products, Sugar Cosmetics, backed by actor Ranveer Singh is one of India’s fastest growing premium cosmetics D2C brand. Founded by Kaushik Mukherjee and Vineeta Singh in 2012, Sugar Cosmetics commenced with the availability of 2 products, black matte eyeliner and a black kohl pencil but in a mere years have grown their product range significantly. Their product range now includes skin, nails, lips, eyes and face products. The cruelty free beauty line is always on the top of the charts with their low-poly packaging. 

Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Sugar Cosmetics raised a sum of $610 K in its last funding round (angel round) led by the famous sharks Anupam Mittal, Peyush Bansal, Aman Gupta, Amit Jain and Namita Thapar. 5 investors participated in the angel funding round.

Sugar Cosmetics presently acquires ENN Beauty. With the total funding standing at $82.2 M, Sugar Cosmetics bagged a revenue of $29.9 M in FY21-22.



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The Man Company 

Keeping the scarcely available male hygiene and grooming products in mind, The Man Company is  D2C brand creating ‘premium and exclusive’ grooming essentials for men all over India. Creating a one stop shop for male grooming essentials, The Man Company offers a wide range of products including, hair gels, fragrances, shampoos, soap bars, beard oil, beard washes, face washes, shave gels, body washes etc. Founded in the year 2015 by Parvesh Kumar, Hitesh Dhingra, Rohit Chawla and Bhisham Bhateja, The Man Company promises nothing but top-most quality in their cruelty-free products.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, The Man Company raised a sum of $565 K in their last funding round (series B) led by emami with the participation of 1 investor. Existing investors include Karan Bajwa, Dinesh Singha, Dheeraj Jain, Sachin Bhatia etc.

With the total funding standing at $11.1 M, The Man Company bagged a revenue of $9.99 M in the FY21-22. Bhisham Bhateja is the COO of the brand.


The Moms Co.

Acquired by MyGlamm, The Moms Co. is a D2C Brand providing naturally formulated, toxin-free baby products for concerned moms all over India. Founded in 2016 by Malika Datt Sadani and Mohit Sadaani, The Moms Co. with zero tolerance for harmful chemicals,  formulates both pregnancy-care and baby-care products. The products are especially safe-guarded for the fragile babies after putting them through rigorous safety and quality checks.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, The Moms Co raised a sum of $8 M in its last funding round (series B) led by DSG Consumer Partners and Saama Capital with the participation of 6 investors.

The Moms Co. has 14 angel investors including Arjun Anand.

With the total funding standing at $15.3 M, The Moms Co. recorded a revenue of  $7.99 M in FY21-22. Malika Datt Sadani is the CEO of the brand whereas the actress Sonam Kapoor is the Brand Ambassador.


The Souled Store

Established in 2013 by Rohin Samtaney, Aditya Sharma, Harsh Lal and Vedang Patel, The Souled Store is an online fashion retailer D2C brand, offering quirky and trendy goods. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, The Souled Store acquires a wide product range including backpacks, socks, umbrellas, printed t-shirts, mobile covers, boxers, notebooks, badges, pajamas, mugs, coasters, posters, painted shoes and alot more. To add uniqueness to their products, The Souled Store adds references from famous Movies, Comedians, TV shows etc to them, appealing to fans from every sect. 

They offer personalised goods as well. 

The Souled Store raised a sum of $16.4 M in their last funding round (series C) led by Xponentia Capital, including the participation of 3 investors. The Souled Store acquires 10 angel investors including actress Sara Ali Khan.

With the total funding standing at $29.7 M, The Souled Store acquired a revenue of $19.6 M in FY21–22.


The Whole Truth Foods

Formerly known as ‘And Nothing Else’, The Whole Truth Foods established in the year 2019 by Shashank Mehta is a healthy food snack D2C brand. The Whole Truth Foods are greatly known for protein bars (available in 7 flavours- peanut butter, coffee cocoa, peanut cocoa, cranberry, coconut cocoa, double cocoa and orange cocoa) and immunity balls (available in 2 forms- anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation). All of their products are promised to be artificial sweetener, preservatives, flavoring and coloring agent free with no added sugar. Subscription to their monthly packages is also provided with an additional 25% discount on all orders.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, bagged a sum of $15 M in their last funding round (series B) led by Peak XV Partners with the participation of 6 investors. The Whole Truth Foods acquires 24 angel investors including Aditi Gupta. 

With the total funding standing at $22.4 M, The Whole Truth Foods bagged an annual revenue of $2.27 M in FY21-22. 



Established in 2012, by Viraj Bahl, Veeba Foods is an internet first D2C brand of condiments including sauces, dips, syrups etc. Veeba targets both at home consumers and businesses with their wide product range including emulsions, salad dressing and dessert toppings for restaurants and hotels. Headquartered in New Delhi, Veeba provides top quality, fresh and authentic products at decent prices.

Veeba raised a sum of $14 M in their last funding round (series D) with the participation of 3 investors including DSG Consumer Partners, Saama Capital and Verlinvest.

Veeba raised an annual revenue of $74.3 M in FY21-22, while standing with an overall funding of $52.2 M.


Wingreens Farms 

Wingreens Farms is a farm to retail, e-commerce D2C brand established in 2011 by Arjun Srivastava and Anju Srivastava. Headquartered in Gurgaon, Wingreens Farms instigated the product category of pita chips and unaltered dips and presently, leads this category. Wingreens Farms is available to its consumers through both offline supermarkets and online marketplaces. Wingreens Farms has taken up a great initiative of hiring underprivileged women to make the products for them which are later on marketed through a one of a kind sampling sales model which is new for this market. 

Wingreens Farms raised a sum of $2.52 M in one of their recent funding rounds (series C) led by Anicut Capital with the participation of 1 investor. Wingreens Farms was also in talks for raising a sum of $10 M in their latest bridge funding round, led by its existing investors,  Peak XV Partners and Investcorp. 

Wingreens Farms currently sits at a total funding of $49.1 M with a revenue of      $28.3 M in FY21-22. Wingreens Farms currently acquires 3 organisation- Monsoon Harvest, PostCard and RAW Pressery.

  • Website: https://wingreensworld.com
  • Email: support@wingreens.in


WOW Skin Science 

Providing a wide product range including skin-care, hair-care and bath and body products, WOW Skin Science is a growing D2C brand established in 2014 by Manish Chowdhary and Karan Chowdhary. WOW Skin Science promises all natural, preservatives and paraben free, dermatologically tried and tested and safe products for all to use. WOW Skin Science makes sure its products are free from silicones, mineral oils, sulphates, parabens and artificial colour. WOW Skin Science has also enabled live-streaming which appeals to a ton of indians. 

Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, raised a sum of $48M in their last funding round (series C) led by GIC with the participation of an investor. WOW Skin Science has 3 institutional investors including GIC, Trifecta Capital and ChrysCapital. 

WOW Skin Science bagged a revenue of $46.2 M in FY21-22 with the total funding standing at $98 K. 



D2C brands are the new crowned heads of the business world, from having access to an extensive audience to having maximum hold over the product quality, D2C brands have got it all in their pockets. 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Are D2C brands a match for the deep-rooted existing brands?

No doubt the D2C brands are providing tough competition to the traditional business models through various aspects like greater profit margins, price benefits, acquiring accurate business data etc.


Is it safe to purchase from D2C brands?

Every sort of business model has its own setbacks, you may experience puny shortcomings while purchasing like delayed shipment, unsatisfactory order fulfilment etc.


Explain the traditional business model-

The traditional business model goes through the historical retail change ‘manufacturer-wholesaler-distributor-retailer’. The products manufactured are put through a hectic cycle before reaching the consumers. D2C brands have come into existence to solve this decades long issue. 


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