Burger King Franchise in India: Process & Cost [July’24]

There are indeed no secrets to success, that’s why we’re letting you in on how to open a Burger King Franchise yourself.

According to a variety of Market projects and research, the fast food industry in India will grow by 17.27% with an overall worth of INR 827.63 billion by 2025. Reason being the 35 and below aged Indians who prefer eating out, at inexpensive restaurants with a swift turnaround time. Capitalizing on such an opportunity will definitely add a feather to your cap. 

Burger King (BK) is an American-based multinational chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, also referred to as Hungry Jack’s in Australia. The company was established in 1953 by Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns as Insta-Burger King, a Jacksonville, Florida-based restaurant chain, with its headquarters situated in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The first Burger King franchise was sold by McLamore and Edgerton in 1959, leading to Burger King fetching the title of a national chain. The foreign venture of Burger King began with a store in Puerto Rico in 1963. Burger King has professed to own about 14,000 stores in nearly 100 countries.



Burger King Franchise in India


By the end of 2014, Burger King laid the foundations of their first Indian Burger King outlet at Select Citywalk mall in South Delhi, in the revitalizing November. The rapid success of Burger King in India has led to the presence of 391 BK outlets in India by 2023. In addition to the prompt success in india, Burger King India also won the Most Valuable Brand of the Year award at the inaugural AsiaMedia Awards in 2020.


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 Reasons to Own a Burger King Franchise:


  • According to a source, Burger King India’s website receives a whopping amount of 5.5M monthly visits, surpassing other big chains like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell etc with a great margin.
  • Same source reveals that 81.24% of traffic that BK India receives online is Organic search traffic.
  • Burger King India provides a wide variety of both Veg and Non-Veg food options, which appeals to the masses as India is filled with diversity and includes people of all sects, religions and tastes.
  • Burger King India provides with a wide price range starting at mere INR 55 extending to INR 833 which engages audience of all financial backgrounds



Steps to get a Burger King Franchise


  • STEP 1: Initiate the process by visiting https://franchising.bk.com/ and dropping in your query regarding the burger king franchise. Fill in your details, including your name, contact details, city, state, net worth and prior work (restaurant) experience. 


  • STEP 2: After conveying your interest in owning a burger king franchise through the email, lie back and wait for a response from the team, briefing you about the next steps.


  • STEP 3: You might be requested to meet the team in person and work out the details of the franchise agreement.


  • STEP 4: After going through the agreement carefully, sign it and confirm it.


  • STEP 5: At this step, you will be required to pay the agreed upon franchise fee and any other investments necessary to commemorate your new outlet.


  • STEP 6: You will be provided with a training, conducted by the Burger King’s training center to equip you with the requisite knowledge.



Documents Required to Own a Burger King Franchise


  • ID proof- Aadhar Card, PAN Card
  •  Passport size photographs
  •  GST Registration certificate
  •  Food safety license
  •  Bank statements for the past six months
  •  Financial statements for the previous three years proving your income and worth
  •  Broad outline of a business plan, business site, including marketing techniques etc
  • Rent agreement or property documents of the outlet space
  •  Letter of intent mentioning your interest in owning a franchise in India



Burger King Franchise Cost


The cost of owning a Burger King Franchise depends solely on the location it is to be situated in. But you will require a notable amount of capital to initiate the franchising firm. Although Burger King is one of the most expensive businesses to operate in India, the BK franchisee provides their operators with utmost support. The probability of losing money is also very low as BK is a very strong brand.

A Burger King Franchise will cost between INR 5- 10 Crores (depending on the location), the distribution is as followed-

Investments encompass various financial commitments. The working capital ranges from INR 15L to 67L. Franchise fees lie between INR 11L and 37L, while insurance fees vary from INR 6L to 18L.

Costs for business licenses and other legal papers can be anywhere from INR 4L to 22L.

Establishing a 2-story interior playground would approximately cost INR 1.5 Cr. Space and occupancy charges range widely from INR 67L to 6 Cr.

The billing and control desk requires an investment between INR 26L and 44L.

Development and construction costs can vary from INR 18L to 6 Cr.

Interior design and architecture expenses range from INR 7L to 33L. A decor package would be around INR 65L.

Equipment costs can be anywhere between INR 63L and 2 Cr. Area or zone expenses vary from a mere INR 74K to 19L. Pre-opening wages are estimated to be between INR 21L and 45L. Lastly, the royalty fee is set at 4% of gross sales.


Burger King Franchise Profit in India


Over the puny 8 years span in India, Burger King has made its place in every Indian’s heart, so much so that it has become an emotion rather than just a fast food chain. It has successfully implanted its desire and craving in a majority of Indians. It has become the perfect place for hangouts filled with frolic or cute little dates to make-up your upset lady. Their appetizing food, quick services, hygienic delivery, easy pickups are the sole reason for their unstoppable growth and success.

 The investment capital for opening a Burger King Franchise is indeed hefty but once the bricks are laid, and the operation is up and running, there is no stop to the cash inflow and large amounts of profit. It is the ideal business to take a safe bet on.

 Investing in a Burger King Franchise limits you from the daily energy-consuming brainstorming for a business idea, instead it allows you to sit back and watch the cash flow in without any physical or mental labor as their profit figures conclude that an average Burger King restaurant witnesses INR 20K- 30K sales per day which is humongous as compared to what a percentage of Indians earn monthly.

By quick math, such large sales lead to INR 6L- 9L monthly, out of which 3L- 4L can be taken out every month as the profit margin.



 FAQs on Burger King Franchise in India


The most frequently asked questions regarding the Burger King Franchise in India are given below-


1. Does Burger King provide franchises in India?

Yes, Burger King offers its franchises with open arms to Indians as long as you meet their eligibility criteria which requires for you to have satisfactory financial stability and 5 years of experience in the food service industry. You must also have a retail property at a prime location.


2. How much does a Burger King Franchise cost?

The minimum investment required to open a Burger King Franchise is INR 5 Cr, but for a greater and better ambience, it can go up to INR 10 Cr.


3. How to apply for a Burger King Franchise?

You can apply to open a Burger King Franchise by visiting their website:

 https://franchising.bk.com/ , filling out the necessary details and signing the agreement.


4. How much does Burger King Franchise fee cost in India?

 Burger King Franchise fee cost lies in the range of INR 11L to 37L.


5. How much can I make by investing in a Burger King Franchise?

 There is no fixed profit but the average turnover, annually, is around INR 25 Cr.



So after analyzing all the available data, is it smart to invest in a Burger King Franchise? Yes! Without a doubt, Burger King is a very strong fast food restaurant chain with no cap on the money inflow and profits. You can further elevate your business by investing in a more strategic manner and attaining adequate training. Your entrepreneurial journey is not far!


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