Top 7 Popped & Baked Chips Brands in India [Feb’24]

“Fried Not, Fikar Not”, the rightly appointed tagline by Too Yumm, very adequately describes the current snack-industry of India.

The growing implementation of a healthier and better lifestyle in every Indian has led to the establishment of various health-first snack brands, that not only save you from undesired weight gain and greasy fingers ruining your pants but also fulfill your cravings in a healthy but highly appetising way!

In this post we are going to talk about the best baked chips brands in India. There are multiple brands like Tagz, BRB, Too Yum, etc. providing the baked chips in India in multiple categories and flavors. 

These popped or baked snacks are subjected to heat and pressure until they are popped. Made up of corn, potato, rice, chickpeas or a mix, these snacks are made using minimal oil.

With better fibre and protein percentage, these popped and baked chip brands are easily the better choice over your regular fried potato chips.


List of Popped & Baked Chips Brands


1. TagZ

Offering a “guilt-free snacking” experience, TagZ  is an internet-first brand manufacturing a range of appetising and healthy products. Established in 2019 by Anish Basu Roy and Sagar Bhalotia, TagZ has professed to have served more than 1 L consumers.

TagZ promises on offering gluten-free, cholesterol-free, preservatives-free, artificial colours/flavours-free and trans-fat free products extending from popped potato chips to dips to cookies to many more. 

Advertising themselves as a GenZ snacking brand, TagZ offers, never fried or baked, popped potato chips containing 50% less fat. 

Following both the B2B and B2B2C business model, TagZ is available to its consumers through 1000+ premium retail stores and a range of online platforms from Supr Daily, BigBasket, Flipkart, Blinkit, Amazon etc.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, TagZ has also taken up a great initiative of recycling 100% of their generated plastic in partnership with The Disposable Company, doing their part for the environment.

Led by Shikhar Dhawan, TagZ raised an undisclosed amount in its latest funding round (Angel Round) with the participation of 1 investor. TagZ recorded an annual revenue of $1.16M for FY21-22. 


2. BRB

Established in the year 2018 by Abhishek Agarwal, Apurva Anand and Anuj Krishnan, BRB is a D2C brand manufacturing a decent range of healthy and tasteful snacks. BRB promises on delivering not fried, not baked but popped products including popped potato chips, popped rice chips and popcorn chips. 

Through their modern popping tech, BRB promises on manufacturing extra-light and crunchy chips with a range of flavours, making them the go-to post workout snack.

BRB, under their quirky brand identity, offer a “smartphone-friendly” experience, meaning- they’re so slender on oil usage, that you can snack on their delectable products while playing, texting or posting on your mobile phone without greasy fingers.

BRB, available on online platforms like BigBasket, Amazon, BlinkIt etc, promises to save you from guilt trips while reaching out for their chips. They’ve targeted the GenZ for their brand-growth and resonate with them through their up-to-date brand communication and healthy but tasteful snacks’ variety.

Headquartered in New Delhi, BRB raised a sum of $867K in their latest funding round (Seed Round) with the participation of 31 investors. BRB recorded an annual revenue of $396K in the FY21-22.


3. 4700BC

Branding themselves as the “Future Of Snacking”, 4700 BC is an internet-first premium snack brand established in the year 2013 by Chirag Gupta and Ankit Gupta. With the initial dream of acquainting India with gourmet popcorn, 4700BC has now expanded its product range from their debut product gourmet popcorn to protein pops (fox nut), chips, sweet corn, ready-to-cook popcorn (cooker and microwave) and crunchy corn. With a wide range of flavours in their product including, Wasabi Cheese, Nutty Tuxedo Chocolate, Himalayan Salt Caramel and sour cream, 4700BC also offers a range of sizes including mini, small, and regular tins for a variety of events.

Headquartered in New Delhi, the B2C brand along with online platforms like BlinkIt, Zepto, FlipKart, Amazon etc, retails its products through a variety of platforms including big airlines like Qatar, Indigo, SpiceJet etc and the Indian Railways. 

Their hold on the market is so big, that you will be offered a 4700BC product in Qatar airlines regardless of where you’re travelling to. 

Following the “Creator” Archetype branding, 4700BC has not raised any funding rounds till date but have recorded a revenue of $4.54 M in the FY21-22.


4. Snackible

Offering a solution to every Indian’s “snack-life crisis”, Snackible established in 2015 by CEO and founder Aditya Sanghavi is an health-food manufacturing company, retailing through both offline and online platforms.  

Snackible promises to save your waistlines from punishments by producing a wide range of affordable and deliciously healthy products including popped chips, whole wheat ready-to-eat waffles,  dark chocolate ragi cookies, whole wheat thins, trail mixes etc. 

Snackibles has also come up with a product line under the name “Dipsters” consisting of a chip and dip combo. Available in 6 flavours, Dipsters is on its journey to make a new for itself in every Indian household.

Snackible, offering subscription boxes, retails through a variety of online platforms like Amazon, Zepto, BigBasket, BlinkIt, FNP etc along with offline stores.

Headquartered in Mumbai, Snackible raised a sum of $1.18M in its latest funding round (Series A) led by Ajay Garg with the participation of 54 investors. 

Snackible recorded an annual revenue of $1.43M in FY21-22.


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5. Too Yumm

Staying firm on their tagline “Fried not, Fikar not”, Too Yum is a healthy-snack brand offering a variety of baked products like chips, veggie stix, wafers, wheat thins, quinoa puffs and foxnuts in a number of flavours. Established in 2017 by RP- Sanjiv Goenka Group Pvt. Ltd. , Too Yumm acquires famous cricketer, Virat Kohli as its health ambassador. 

Too Yumm offers low cholesterol tasteful snacks , which provide a guilt-free munching experience. 

Headquartered in Kolkata, Too Yumm has not raised any funding rounds yet but has recorded an annual revenue of $897M in FY21-22. 


6. Why Fryy

Established right before the global covid-19 pandemic by Gowri Satyamoorthi, Why Fryy is a popped chips brand. Why Fryy offer not fried but popped potato chips which contain 60% less fat than regular fried potato chips.

Why Fryy offer their popped chips in 5 flavours including herby sour cream, salty, mirch masala, spicy chaat and zesty tomato. Why Fryy promises delicious crispy and crunchy chips in every bag without any added preservatives or flavours and colours.

While Why Fryy guarantees 60% less fat than regular fried potato chips, it also promises 60% more chip count in their packet of popped potato chips than a packet of fried potato chips.

Why Fryy manufacture their popped potato chips by adding the right amount of heat (without frying) enabling them to pop, and then add a dash of oil, spices, herbs and seasoning. The chips are then immediately seal packed.

Why Fryy is available through both online and offline retail platforms and chains including Amazon, MilkBasket, BigBasket etc.


7. Origin Nutrition

Promising plant-based 100% vegan protein, Origin Nutrition established in 2020 by Chirag Gupta and Aditi Mammen Gupta is a B2C brand offering healthy but luscious snacks. They offer not fried or baked but compression popped potato chips under the product line “Mojo Pops Protein Chips”, containing 66% less fat than regular fried potato chips and 33% protein per pack. 

Origin Nutrition promises 2 cups of dal, or 60g of tofu, or 2 eggs worth of protein in each mojo pops protein chips. They promise 100% clean protein and flavours in their products, lacking any sort of additives or GMO or toxins. 

Apart from the Mojo Pops Protein Chips, their product range includes daily vegan proteins, kids’ multi-nutritional drinks, shakers and biotin.

Origin Nutrition retail their products through a wide network of online platforms including Amazon, Tata 1mg, Flipkart, NetMeds etc.



Popped or Baked Chips Brands in India are turning over a new leaf in the snack-industry, leading the nation towards a healthier and fitter future. 

With the increase in healthy lifestyles, these nutritious snacks are on an unstoppable roll amongst the fitness-conscious present-day GenZ.

This healthy snacking industry only seems to be getting bigger and more successful in the upcoming years. 

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