Zudio Franchise in India: Cost, Profit & Process [March’24]

For only a moment, let’s go back to 2016…..COVID hadn’t happened, Instagram didn’t have reels, and TikTok was only sound clocks made when the minute hand gently caressed the board it was mounted on. The fashion industry was surely changing its pace drastically but was still pretty simple with few famous brands and local stores. 

It was during this time that a whirlwind of creativity took fashion enthusiasts by storm. It was none other than a new fast-fashion chain known as Zudio. 


Beginning of Zudio

Nestled in the Tata Group basket with Tata’s many other successful endeavors, Zudio quickly became the egg you can count on as it hatched into a humble yet monumental brand which democratized fashion, making it accessible to every Indian, regardless of how tight their purse strings were.

It took Zudio almost no time to gain fame as it swiftly captured the hearts of fashion-forward individuals nationwide. 

With an unwavering commitment to quality, affordability, and inclusivity, Zudio struck a chord with consumers tired of sacrificing style for money or vice versa. 


Where can you find the Zudio outlets? 

Zudio outlets can be found sprinkled across the vibrant landscape of India, from bustling city centers to suburban neighborhoods. 

You’ll stumble upon these fashion havens in major metropolises like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kolkata, where the pulse of fashion beats strongest. But don’t fret if you’re not in the heart of the city as Zudio’s presence extends far beyond urban boundaries, ensuring that fashion is never too far away. 


What products can you find at the Zudio outlets?

At Zudio outlets, you’ll discover a treasure trove of fashion delights spanning across various categories to cater to every member of the family. Here’s a glimpse into the diverse array of products you can find:


  • Women’s Wear
  • Men’s Wear
  • Kids’ Fashion
  • Footwear
  • Ethnic Wear
  • Loungewear
  • Makeup
  • Skincare
  • Fragrances
  • Accessories


Why should you go for a Zudio franchise?

Investing in a Zudio franchise offers a gateway into the world of affordable fashion backed by the esteemed Tata Group. 

With over 300 stores nationwide, Zudio has established itself as a go-to destination for trendy yet budget-friendly clothing, footwear, skincare, fragrances, and beauty products. 

As a franchise owner, you’ll benefit from Zudio’s proven business model, extensive training, and ongoing support. With a diverse product range catering to customers of all ages and preferences, there’s ample opportunity for growth and success. 

Beyond business, being part of the Zudio community means engaging with fashion enthusiasts and fostering meaningful connections. Choose a Zudio franchise for a chance to be at the forefront of India’s fashion revolution, offering style, affordability, and inclusivity to customers across the nation.


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Zudio franchise cost and ROI

The Zudio franchise presents a lucrative opportunity in the fashion industry with its focus on affordable clothing. With a unit/shop area requirement of around 5000 sq. ft., franchisees can expect a flat 90% revenue-sharing model, making it an attractive proposition.

The total investment ranges from Rs. 75 lakh to Rs. 1.25 crore, with an approximate ROI timeframe of 2.5 years. While the franchise fee is not disclosed, franchisees can anticipate infrastructure investment within the specified range. The business setup time typically takes 1-2 months, providing a relatively quick path to commence operations.

In terms of commission and royalties, franchisees enjoy a flat 90% commission on revenue sharing, with a nominal 10% brand royalty fee. 


How can you apply for a Zudio franchise?

To start a Zudio franchise, begin by applying through their website. After applying, you’ll be contacted for a discussion and any questions you have will be answered. 

If approved, you’ll attend a Discovery Day at Zudio’s offices to learn more about the business plan, training, and support. Once everything is finalized, sign the lease and business deal. 

Then, undergo training before opening your shop and starting your journey as a Zudio franchisee.


Eligibility criteria for opening a Zudio franchise

To apply for a Zudio franchise, you’ll need a space ranging from 6000 to 8000 square feet, furnished with necessary equipment and staffed as required. Start by filling out the franchise application form on the official website, providing personal details like your full name, mobile number, city, pin code, email address, street, and state and business/work experience.

Moreover, if you’re capable of meeting the Zudio franchise cost comfortably and possess a suitable location where Zudio or similar clothing franchise stores are scarce, your chances of franchise acceptance increase significantly.


Support and training offered by Zudio

Zudio offers extensive support and training to franchisees:

  1. Marketing Assistance: Help with planning marketing strategies and promotions.

2. Training Programs: Staff training in shop management and customer service.

3. Operational Support: Assistance with day-to-day operations.

4. Business Planning: Access to a proven business plan.

5. Launch Support: Guidance for a successful store opening.

Additional benefits include access to national advertising campaigns, participation in store events and sales, and ongoing help across all business aspects.


Final Word

Zudio isn’t just a brand. It is a promise of fashion liberation, where everyone can jump into the joy of self-expression through their wardrobe choices. After all, as the old saying goes, “Fashion fades, but style is eternal,” and Zudio made sure that style remained within everyone’s reach, regardless of their budget constraints.

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