Samosa Singh Franchise in India: Cost & Process [May’24]

In this blog post, we are going to talk about Samosa Singh Franchise in India. Its cost, process, profit, ROI, and more. 

Samosa Singh is one of the leading Samosa QSR chains in India. 

In the hustling and bustling busy streets of India, filled with serenading spices and flavors, there is one snack that always stands out as a symbol of the country’s culinary delight- the appetizing samosas. With their crispy exterior filled with piping hot flavourful filling, samosas have been enchanting the taste buds across the country since ages.

Let’s take a dive into the delicious story of Samosa Singh, which is a franchise that has managed to take the culinary delight to new heights! In this blog, let’s explore the journey and uncover the delectable success of Samosa Singh. 

Join us while we devour the delicious layers of Samosa Singh’s tale and discover how Samosa Singh managed to become a household name, synonymous with delight, taste, innovation and success! 


Beginning of Samosa Singh 

In the chilly February of 2016, Nidhi Singh and Shikhar Veer Singh established their very first Samosa Singh outlet in Bengaluru. 

Nidhi Singh worked a monotonous job in the IT sector whereas Shikhar Veer Singh was the principal scientist at Biocon. The couple quit their high paying jobs in 2015 to commence their venture.

Nidhi and Shikhar came across one another while pursuing B.Tech in Biotechnology in Haryana . This is when the idea of selling samosas first strung Shikhar, but was gunned down by Nidhi. 

Nidhi suggested that they focus on their respective careers instead. 

But after 5 years of marriage, the couple came across the same idea after realizing the depth of the love Indians acquire for samosa.

Nidhi and Shikhar invested all of their life’s earnings and even went beyond that for the venture. They even went to the extent of selling off their lavish apartment, when the need for a bigger kitchen sprung. They used the money to rent a factory. 

The journey was indeed hard for the couple, but led to a fruitful destination!


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Samosa Singh Outlets

Samosa Singh currently acquires over 50 outlets all over India and plans on expanding globally.

The couple makes over INR 12 L every day and sell over 30,000 samosa per day.


Samosa Singh Menu

Samosa Singh, famous for their scrumptious samosa delights, offer an extensive range of items. The menu consists of over 40 samosa varieties and extends from vegetarian samosa options including aloo samosa, pizza samosa, paneer corn samosa, malai paneer samosa, pasta samosa, tandoori samosa, veggie spicy samosa, kadhai paneer samosa etc to a non-vegetarian range including acchari murg samosa, 6” chicken kebab roll samosa, chicken keema samosa and much more.

Samosa Singh even offers vegetarian samosa platters consisting of masala corn, aaloo masala, veggie spice and kadhai paneer samosa and non vegetarian samosa platters consisting of acchari murg, chicken kebab roll, chicken keema etc samosa.

Samosa Singh is also loved for their range of kachoris, vada pavs, masala kulcha, ragda patties, sev puri, masala puri and much more.


Reasons to Choose a Samosa Singh Franchise

  • 45% less calories than a regular samosas.
  • 56% less fat than a regular samosas.
  • Crisper samosas for a longer period of time than regular samosas.
  • Innovative menu
  • Extensive product range
  • Reliable brand
  • Trustworthy customer base
  • Well recognized brand
  • Company has tied up with Swiggy, Zomato etc for online deliveries. 
  • Flexible franchise model
  • Customer base leverage
  • High profit potential
  • Support provided
  • Training provided


Samosa Singh Franchise Cost & ROI

While the investments depend greatly upon the location, model type, footfall etc, here’s an estimate of the costing of a Samosa Singh franchise-

To set up a Samosa Singh franchise, the minimum investment ranges from INR 15 L to INR 25 L  with 2 franchise fee options of INR 3 L and INR 8 L with 18% GST. 

The space requirement for a Samos Singh franchise is over 300 sq. ft. to 1200 sq. ft.

The interior cost is INR 3 L with a capital requirement of INR 50,OOO for raw material and INR 4 L for machinery and equipment.  

INR 50,000 is required for licensing and marketing alongside INR 36,000 for other expenditure. The royalty fee for a Samosa Singh franchise ranges from 5% to 7%. 

INR 3 to 5 L is required for setup whereas INR 1 to 2 L is required for staff alongside a working capital of INR 2 to 4 L. The franchise agreement is if 10 years and is renewable. 

ROI time period is within 1 to 2 years.


Steps to Apply for a Samosa Singh Franchise

STEP 1: Visit the official website of Samosa Singh ( ).

STEP 2: On the official website of Samosa Singh, you will come across a franchise form.

STEP 3: Fill the form with the necessary details and submit it.

STEP 4: The franchise application will then be reviewed by the Samosa Singh team and you will be contacted if you fulfill the criterions to own a Samosa Singh franchise.

STEP 5: If the franchise application is approved, the franchisee will be informed about the required documents and investments and an introductory meeting will be scheduled. 

STEP 6:  Signature the franchise agreement and become a part of the Samosa Singh franchise.

STEP 7: With the ongoing and thorough assistance of the Samosa Singh team, establish your very own franchise.


Ideal Locations for a Samosa Singh Franchise

  • Transportation Hubs including the areas near metro stations, bus stands and railway stations.
  • Commercial Space including food court, shopping complex, commercial building etc.
  • Areas with High Footfall including markets, high traffic streets, office complexes, malls etc.
  • Urban Cities


Documents Required to Own a Samosa Singh Franchise

A number of documents or certificates are required to own your very own Samosa Singh franchise, the list is given below-

Bank Passbook

  1. Address Proof in the form of voter ID, aadhar card or the electricity bill etc
  2. Identity Proof in the form of PAN card, aadhar card, passport copy 
  3. Passport size photos
  4. Photos of the outlet location
  5. GST Registration
  6. Residence Proof including a valid lease or rent agreement (if the property is rented)
  7. FSSAI food license


Support Offered by the Samosa Singh Franchise

  • Promotional and marketing materials are provided.
  • Marketing advice is provided.
  • Campaigning material is provided.
  • Assistance is provided in site selection and evaluation.
  • Visibility is enabled through standardized advertising.
  • Guidance is provided for kitchen designs and interiors.
  • Guidance is provided for the layout and equipment. 
  • Training is provided to the staff on store operations, food production and consumer service.
  • Innovative and new product recipes are provided.
  • Pricings and food costs are provided.
  • IT aid is provided through billing, accounting, payment and inventory applications.
  • Help is provided in the negotiation of lease.
  • Raw material is supplied regularly.
  • Franchisees are also provided operational support, staff training and sales promotion.




The journey of Samosa Singh is indeed a testament to the appeal of the classic, flavourful snack, reimagined with passion and innovation. While Samosa Singh continues to expand their presence through fruitful franchise opportunities, they continue to remind us that success lies in staying true to your roots while also embracing changes on the way! So, don’t think twice and invest in a Samosa Singh franchise today! 

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