Top 20 Vending machine Use Cases [June’24]

Hi, In this blog, we are going to talk about different Vending machine Use Cases in India. Generally, people think that vending machines are used only for chips or cola but in 2023, vending machines are being used for multiple purposes. 

At Daalchini, we provide vending machines to multiple clients across the country and sectors like Offices, educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, etc.

We will discuss different use cases of vending machines based on product offering and type of location. 


Vending machine Use Cases


Product wise


Snacks – Vending machines offer a wide range of snacks like namkeen, chips, biscuits, and more. 

Beverages – Products like lassi, chaach (Buttermilk), soft drinks, energy drinks, etc. are dispensed from vending machines. Beverages are the most selling products during summer.

Fresh Food – One can get fresh food like Poha, Paratha, Vada Pav, Rajma Rice, etc, from vending machines. Daalchini offers more than 200 fresh food items through its vending machines. 

Stationery Products – Vending machines are also used to dispense stationery products and office supplies like notepads, pens, pencils, markers, Cello Tape, etc. These vending machines are mostly used in big companies. 

Healthcare Products – Vending machines are used to sell healthcare products like facemasks, sanitizers, etc.

Fruits – Vending machines used for selling cut and whole fruits at corporate offices, schools, colleges, fitness centers, etc.

Sanitary Pads – Vending machines used for dispensing sanitary pads or sanitary napkins



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Location Wise


Offices – Employees in offices benefit a lot from vending machines. They get access to 24*7 instant snacking options with digital payments and a wide variety of products.  

Schools – Vending Machines are very useful for schools for students and staff. Daalchini has launched a special payment solution called TagPay which is an NFC-based card payment system. It can be attached to a student’s ID card and recharged through an app by parents. 

Hotels – Vending machines are useful for visitors coming to hotels during the day and night. They can buy anything for snacking from the machine without leaving the hotel premise. 

Hospitals – At hospitals, every second is important and vending machines are solving the problem of getting snacks, water bottles, juices, and glucose biscuits, anytime and instantly. 

Daalchini has installed vending machines at many hospitals like Fortis, Max, Kailash Hospitals, Manipal Hospitals, and others.

Manufacturing Plants & Factories – These sites have workers who work in multiple shifts and people work here 24*7. So it is necessary to provide snacking options to everyone around the clock. 

Vending machines act as a pantry for these sites. People can buy snacks, beverages, and fresh food like samosa, kachori, sandwiches, paratha, etc.

Hostels & PGs – Vending machines in hostels and PGs are important for students (mostly) living there. 

Coworking Space

Co-working space is an arrangement where people from different organizations share a space. These kinds of spaces are very popular after the popularity of freelancing and work-from-home concepts. 

One of the things that are making co-working spaces popular with each passing day is vending machines. As people work day and night in these spaces, they need food to gain energy and these vending machines provide them with their favorite food and beverages. These machines help people to enjoy their breaks and refresh themselves. 


Coliving Space

In today’s highly competitive world that has given birth to anxiety and depression issues, no one desires to live alone. Everyone needs company and that is why co-living spaces are introduced. 

These spaces are made more convenient for working classes by installing vending machines. These machines help people who are living away from their homes by providing them with ready-to-eat food. For example, you can get paratha, upma, and idli for breakfast and rajma rice for lunch. 



The amount of time we spend at an airport while we wait for our flights is incredibly high. But this time becomes less painful if we have our favorite snacks to enjoy. And this is where a vending machine comes into the picture. 

Airports have several vending machines that are stocked with amazing food and beverages to serve passengers so that they feel energetic and enjoy their journey. 


Metro Stations

Metro stations are a second home for people who go out every day for work. In today’s fast-paced life, such people don’t get time to have their meals and in such scenarios, vending machines come to their rescue.

These machines provide them with some mouth-watering snacks that they can enjoy on their way to the office. In this way, vending machines make sure that no one skips their meals and everyone stays healthy. 


Railway Stations

Railway stations are no longer the same as they were a few years back. If you travel by train, you will see how clean and tech-savvy they have become. One of the things that have made railway stations more popular is the installation of vending machines that serve passengers different kinds of foods, snacks, and beverages.

Moreover, these vending machines have made the waiting time a bit convenient as people can enjoy snacks and pass their time. These vending machines have played a key role in making railway stations likable. 


Petrol Pumps

Petrol pumps have updated themselves and now serve their customers with snacks and beverages through vending machines to ensure their customers’ good experience. 

Now, people standing in line in their cars at the petrol pump can enjoy snacks in the meantime. This will make their wait less challenging. 


Bus Terminals

Bus terminals are all about crowds that wait for minutes to catch their bus. The struggle to wait for the bus on chilly winter mornings or hot summer afternoons is indeed real. 

But what makes this struggle less pathetic is the food and beverage options available at the bus stop through vending machines where you can have your lassi to deal with hot summer afternoons. You can also have snacks like chips or namkeen to satisfy your evening cravings. 



Malls are famous not only for the fashion or beauty options that they provide but also for their food court. Can you imagine a mall without a food court? The answer is NO. 

These food courts are now enriched with various kinds of vending machines that offer a plethora of food and beverages from pizza to burgers and from soft drinks to juices. You name it and you have it. 

These vending machines are helping mall owners to attract more customers by giving them more reasons to visit their malls. 


Coaching Institute

Coaching institutes are no longer boring. Today’s coaching institutes provide their students with snack options to help them enjoy their break time as well as gain some energy for the rest of the day.

Vending machines are a great way to attract more students as coaching institutes will be having an edge over their rivals. 


Shopping Complex

Shopping complexes are getting more and more equipped to serve their clients better. They are working on providing more choices to their clients and also working on their interiors. 

Not just that, they are working to bestow their visitors with some amazing food and beverages to make their experience more memorable and to increase the chances of their revisit. 


Retail Shop

Retail shops are places where a large amount of stuff is sold. These shops sell their stuff at cheap prices and thus usually are crowded. Dealing with such a crowd at one time is impossible.  

To ensure that customers don’t leave the shop without purchasing, these customers are provided with snacks and beverages. These shops have vending machines to offer the customers their desired snacks to stop them from leaving the shop until they are attended to by someone from the shop.



In today’s fast-paced life, it is tough to take care of your diet. It is tough to get healthy food and beverages like eggs, protein shakes, fresh veggies, etc at doorsteps. But not anymore.

You can get everything in your apartment 24/7 by installing a vending machine stocked with healthy food and drink options. Your precious time will be saved as you don’t need to travel to the grocery stores. 



Banks usually witness huge queues of people to deposit or withdraw their money. This crowd makes it tough for the bankers to get through the day. To keep both visitors as well as workers relaxed and calm, food and beverages are provided to them through vending machines. 

These vending machines make workers’ break time interesting and keep them energetic and focused for the rest of the day. 


Tourist Places

Tourist places need to be good enough to attract tourists. People seek great locations, mesmerizing views, and delicious food. Vending machines are playing a vital role in the food section. 

There are numerous tourist spots where foods are served through these vending machines such as temples like Vaishno Devi, Amusement parks, mall roads, etc. These vending machines will be seen in every shop at any popular tourist place. 


Amusement parks

Amusement parks are for fun and relaxation. People visit these parks with their families for some quality time in which they can enjoy different sports as well as food. To enhance such people’s experience vending machines are installed in these parks as well. 

You will see water, cold drinks, chips, and ice creams, installed in these vending machines for the visitors. 


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Vending machines have their footprints in almost all the locations that you can think of. They are popular because they provide people with numerous food and beverage options from top-notch food and beverage brands. These machines are widely used to bless people with their favorite food as laughter is the brightest where food is best. We hope that you have now a good idea of Vending machine Use Cases in India. If you have any queries, you can comment below. 

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