Top 10 Chai Franchise in India: Cost & Process [July’24]

Hi, In this blog post, we are going to talk about the top 10 best (Tea) Chai Franchise in India.  Tea is the most consumed beverage in our country so it is obvious that it has a huge market that is largely untapped. 

Nowadays we have seen many startups coming with up the idea of selling tea or chai with different flavors. We will be exploring all the chai franchise opportunities that are available in India with their cost to set up and start this vending machine. 

India is a country where ‘Chai-pe-Charcha’ is an integral part of everyone’s day. Whether it is a house budget or an office’s new project, no matter what’s the matter, it can’t be solved without having a cup of tea. That’s how important a small cup of tea is. 

This immense love for tea among Indians has paved the way for India’s birth of several Chai franchises. Chai is not limited to small stalls now. Chai lovers’ demand for a sophisticated place to enjoy their tea time has forced entrepreneurs in India to invest in Chai franchises.  

Let’s get closer to such (Tea) Chai Franchises in India that are generating huge revenues by serving tea to all tea lovers across India. 



Top 12 Chai Franchise in India


Chai Sutta Bar 


Chai Sutta Bar – Spreading Kulhad Love Across India.

This chai kulhad is of mere 10 rupees. Yes, it’s true. 

Back in 2016, two passionate entrepreneurs, Anubhav Dubey, and Anand Nayak started a venture called ‘Chai Sutta Bar’. Today, it has 135+ outlets in 4 countries. Their specialty is that they serve go-to-beverage, chai, in a khulhad to give it an aesthetic touch. 

In an interview with Curly Tales, Anubhav Dubey mentioned that they sell around 3 lakh cups of tea in a day. This is huge, isn’t it? He stated that the company’s aim is to take the aroma of Indian soil across the globe with their kulhad. 

Franchise Cost: A franchise for Chai Sutta Bar will cost between 16 to 18 lakhs. 



MBA Chai Wala


Prafull Billore, the owner of MBA Chai Wala, has been an inspiration for millions of Indian youngsters. He is an internet sensation. He motivated them to invest in something of their own rather than being mediocre in an MNC. 

He started selling tea through a stall and today he is having branches of his company in more than 100 locations across several states in India. He often encouraged youngsters to do something out of the box if they wish to create history. 

At ‘MBA Chai Wala’ you will be getting different flavored chai like Regular chai, Chocolate chai, Elaichi chai, Masala chai, and Tulsi Chai. 

Franchise Cost: A franchise for an MBA chai wala may cost between INR 8 and 10 lakhs.

Website: Click Here



Chai Point 


Chai Point is established by Amuleek Singh Bijral in 2010 and within a few years of its establishment, it has become a famous name among chai lovers. It was first limited to Bengaluru but is now serving Delhi and Pune people as well.

Amuleek Singh Bijral said in one of his interviews with “Moneycontrol” that chai is an integral part of our everyday life but not having a decent environment to enjoy it is nothing but injustice. Having chai at tapir in dirty glasses is not the right way and thus he came up with ‘Chai Point’. He also stated that they are the largest player in the market. 

From a Harvard University student to a chai-preneur, the journey is indeed inspiring. The company is also planning to open kiosks at major metro stations to expand its reach to stay ahead of its competitors.

Franchise Cost



Tea House


India is one of those highly tea-consuming countries, tea has always been part of their daily drinks. And this fact gave birth to one of the leading chai ventures, ‘Tea House’. 

Tea House is remarkably known for its wide range of tea brands in India with the best quality in every granule. They are spread into clusters of tea outlets extending a variety of tea, coolers, and milkshakes that can change your mood in seconds.

Tea house doors are always open for competent entrepreneurs who are capable of expanding the chain of franchises and striving toward the development of the company.

Franchise Cost: A franchise for Tea House will be 3.5 to 5 lacks. 





Relaxing clients is the utmost priority of Chaayos and for that, they serve hot tea with mouth-watering snacks. Sunshine Teahouse Private Limited known as ‘Chaayos’ was formed with the vision to create a unique tea experience for the consumers of India.

Chaayos introduced the concept of customized tea where customers can have any tea that they desire. They can mention the ingredients they wish to have in their tea. All their products are fresh and of optimum quality and not frozen. 

They ensure that their tea can be made in 80,000 ways, meaning you have 80,000 types to choose from. 

Franchise Cost: A franchise for Chaayos will be between 15 to 20 lakhs. 



Graduate Chaiwali


Graduate chai wali opened her first stall after getting inspired by MBA Chaiwala and Aatm Nirbhar Bharat, a tagline you will see in her tea stands as well. 

The name behind graduate chai wali is Priyanka Gupta who took a loan of 30,000 rupees from one of her friends and purchased the first tea cart at 12,500 rupees. Today she serves more than 15,000 cups of tea in a single day. 

Her journey is quite motivating and she wishes to go further and make her brand a national-level entity. 


Franchise Cost: A franchise for Graduate chai wali is between 8-10 lacks. 



Pappu Chaiwala


Pappu Chaiwalla, conceptualized by India’s leading award-winning hospitality consultant – Chefs@Work, is a fast-growing chain of desi chai cafés. You will get your authentic tea with some finger-licking snacks. 

“Pappu can’t dance, but can make tea for sure. Don’t believe us? Visit Pappu Chaiwala.”

What will catch your eyes, by the time your ordered chai reaches you, are the interiors which are a treat to the eyes. They have worked keenly on them to give the ambiance a modern and fun vibe. Such an environment is best for your office tea breaks. 

Starting from a single outlet in Bengaluru, today, Pappu Chaiwalla is successfully operating 9 outlets. 

Franchise Cost: A franchise for Pappu Chaiwala is between 5-8 lakhs. 



Chai Garam 


Chai Garam is ensuring to bring a perfectly brewed cup of hot tea with fresh, natural ingredients to offices and working professionals across the country. They are on their way to revolutionalize the way tea is consumed in India. 

They are targeting the corporate audience as they know that a perfect cup of tea can enhance the productivity of the employees and can boost energy in them to deal with the hectic office life. And through this, they are aptly justifying their tagline, “Chai Wahee, Soch Nayee”.

They are located in 20 countries and serve an authentic cup of chai to a significantly large population. 

Franchise Cost: A franchise for Chai Garam is between 3-5 lakhs.



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Chai Calling


Chai Calling is a company that is calling every Indian to have their favorite tea and make their day awesome as they understand every tea lover’s love for the tea. People of India and chai (tea), two are synonyms and so is the company’s tagline “Chalo Chai Ho Jaye”. 

Chai Calling always believes to provide its customers with a wide variety of tea ranging from desi kadak chai, and masala chai in Earthen kulhad in a traditional way to English teas and Flower teas with wide varieties of desi and assorted snacks.

The Forte of chai calling is to serve you a world-class Tea experience with adda, fun, and relaxation, and all of it for rock bottom prices. The company has more than 110 stores and is making crores out of them. 

Franchise Cost: A franchise for Chai Calling is between 4-6 lakhs. 



Chai Thela


Don’t go by the name ‘Thela’ as Chai Thela works keenly on providing its customers with hygienic tea at affordable rates. They are serving their customers since 2015. It has been the company’s endeavor since day one to ensure that we provide healthy and homemade chai varieties to our patrons with consistency being the core. 

Chai Thela stands at 3rd spot in the list of top 10 Indian start-ups serving the needs of tea drinkers across the country in 2018 as surveyed by Theindianwire. The company has 10 outlets across India and aims for 40 such outlets in the upcoming year. 

Franchise Cost: A franchise for Chai Thela is between 2-4 lakhs. 



Chai is the second most consumed thing after oxygen in India. This unrecognized chai space in India is worth $10 billion. Not exploring it would be the biggest mistake of every aspiring entrepreneur. This is the right time to step in and create a multi-billion-dollar enterprise in this domain. 

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