How to get Vending Machine on Rent in India? [March’24]

If you have an office, college, PG, Store, mall, hotel, or residential apartment, then you can consider having a smart vending machine on rent in India at your place. It acts like a 24*7 tuck shop or store where you can buy products any time during the day and night.

Vending machines are very useful technology for everyone. It saves both time and money. You can save on delivery fees and delivery time. It is an instant option to buy products.

Daalchini provides smart vending machines on a monthly rental basis where we charge some amount per month from our clients to provide our services.

Our client will not have to manage anything, Daalchini takes care of refilling, procurement, supply, customer support, maintenance, etc.


How to get a Snacks & Food Vending Machine on Rent in India:

  • Visit the Daalchini website or call us at 7289005034

  • Tell us your requirement

  • Provide basic details about your site/location

  • Our dedicated team will help you

  • A vending machine will be installed within 2-5 working days


Benefits of a Snacks Vending Machine on Rent:

  • No need to manage refilling, procurement, and supply

  • No need to take care of maintenance

  • Daalchini will manage the end-to-end operations

  • Your staff/employees will get service of a 24*7 unmanned tuck shop

  • Very affordable as compared to setting up a tuck shop or live kitchen


What is the rent of a vending machine?

The rental amount of a vending machine depends on the location and it varies from site to site. We keep various factors in mind before installing a vending machine and deciding what rent needs to be charged from the client.

We are giving an approximate range for your reference here.

The rental price starts from Rs.8000 onwards.


Let’s suppose, we have 2 sites A and B. A has 2000 employees and B has 200 employees. So, the sales would be high at site A as compared to B as the footfall will also be high at site A. So, the rent would be low for site A and vice versa.

This is one factor in deciding the rent of the vending machine for a particular site. You can contact us for more details.

You can get a vending machine for rent in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mohali, Hyderabad, and other major cities of India.


Snacks Vending Machine on Rent:

You can get a snacks vending machine for your office or your premises on a monthly rental model.

In a snack vending machine, you will get products like Lays, Kurkure, Bingo, Haldiram Namkeens, Chocolates, Fruit cake, biscuits, cookies, energy bars, and more.


Food Vending Machine on Rent:

This is one of the most demanded vending machines in India right now. In this machine, you can get fresh foods like Vada Pav, Poha, Parathas, Rice combos, Sandwiches, Noodles, etc.

This machine works as a 24*7 unmanned tuck shop where anyone can buy products anytime at very affordable rates.


Cold Drink and Soda Vending Machine on Rent:

These are beverage vending machines in which you can keep snacks as well. In this machine, you can have coke cans, soft drinks, real juices, maaza, frooti, lassi, chaach, appy, and other branded beverages.

Daalchini can provide you with a vending machine that can have both snacks and beverages.


Tea Coffee Vending Machine on Rent:

This vending machine serves tea and coffee with premix materials inside it. This is a very small vending machine and can only serve tea and coffee.

If you want to get cold-packed coffee like Nestle Coffee or SleepyOwl coffee, you can get Daalchini Vending Machine for rent.


16 thoughts on “How to get Vending Machine on Rent in India? [March’24]

  1. Sandeep Goyal says:

    Looking to install 5-6 vending machines for MNC at gurgaon

  2. Snehal says:

    Hi, Looking for vending machine for our food products. Kindly connect. Thanks

  3. Darshit Dhalwani says:

    I want to buy vending machine and i want to understand the plan of franchise, machine on rent and etc….
    So plz give details.

  4. Ramshankar says:

    Looking to install at our office in Coimbatore

  5. Praveen says:

    Hi we want to explore this concept at our office in Bangalore.

  6. venkateh says:

    looking for 5 vending machine initally to start business of fruit boxes & cups .

  7. Manoj Kumar Singh says:

    I am interested for 3-4 pizza vending machine on rent/purchase.

    1. Team says:


      Sorry, we do not provide Pizza Vending Machines. We provide snacks and food vending machines only.


  8. Joram Kakum says:

    I’ll be initiating a vending machine business in my hometown, Arunachal Pradesh.
    As it has zero vending machine.
    The people are very western influenced which makes vending machines a be very profitable market. How will i be able to rent 1-2 vending machines?

  9. Hritik Kukreja says:

    Interested in vending machine which is not listed here, could you please contact me?


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