5 Unique Vending Machines around the world [2024]

In this blog post, we are going to talk about some unique vending machines around the world.

Vending machines are becoming advanced and tech-savvy with each passing day. The inception of vending machines was done to serve mankind with foods and beverages but it has expanded its services to an incredible level.

And why not? Using vending machines is an experience that has simplified the lives of people across the world.  The astronomical surge in the demand for these machines compelled companies and start-ups to enhance the capabilities of vending machines. 

So, allow us to present you with a list of some of the coolest, weirdest, and downright shocking vending machines from around the world.  


5 Unique Vending Machines Across the World


Burger Vending Machines

Some people love to indulge in a healthy veggie burger or a high-on protein non-veg burger either in the morning or as an evening snack. Burger vending machines have enabled these people to pick their favorite burgers without going to any shop. 

The first-ever burger vending machine has been launched in Jersey City, New Jersey and it is serving its customers with hot and cheesy burgers in just six minutes. You don’t need to go to a shop and wait for a minimum of half an hour to enjoy your burger. 

The purpose of these machines is to serve their customer’s hot burgers even at the odd hours of the day. So, if you consider yourself a burger connoisseur, you must eat one that dispenses from a vending machine. 


Car Vending Machine

Vending machines have gone beyond stocking just food and beverages. These machines even stock cars. Yes, you heard that right. Some vending machines dispense cars. They have a proper car parking system inbuilt into them. 

In 2018, Carvana came up with the tallest automobile vending machine in the country, measuring 90 feet. It was fully automated. Gone are the days when cars were purchased only in car showrooms. 

While purchasing cars online is intimidating, these vending machines provide customers with an alternative. This alternative is new and yet to discover by most people but is extremely convenient and hassle-free. 


Gold Vending Machines

One of the famous things about Dubai is its gold vending machine. Yes, you heard it right. Dubai has come up with the world’s first-ever gold vending machine.  You can see a gold vending machine at Dubai Mall, U.A.E that dispenses 24 karat gold in various forms. 

These machines enable the customers to buy anything from a 2.5-gram, 24-karat gold coin to a wasta flex one-ounce gold bar. There’s is an internal computer capable of updating the prices every 10 minutes to showcase real-time fluctuations in the market.

Who thought that you can dispense gold from a vending machine? But thanks to advanced technology, nothing is impossible.  


Medicine Vending Machine

Medicine vending machine is not a new concept but it has gained popularity during the pandemic. These vending machines have enabled people to get the required medicine within the premises of their society during the lockdown. 

As these machines promote a contactless payment system, people were also enabled to abide by the Covid protocols while picking up their medicines and other essentials like masks, sanitizers, etc. 

This prevents the time for the pharmacist to look into matters other than inventory management like focusing on safety issues. The operations like organizing tablets and capsules, counting the pills, and mixing the reagents in exact quantity in prescribed levels are done by medical vending machines.


Crab Vending Machine

Crab in vending machines? Yes. 

Vending machines have become advanced and are capable to store things that no one ever thought will be dispensed by these machines. These crab machines are invented by China. Live hairy and fresh crabs are stocked in a vending machine at the main subway station in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. 

The crab vending machine, which is restocked daily, sells crabs for around 20 RMB, along with the appropriate accouterments.  The machine’s temperature of 5-10° C stocked the crabs in a dormant state longer than was possible in a stall. People of China call them sleeping crabs.


Wrapping it up!

These machines are serving a plethora of industries across the globe and have become an integral part of people but, India is yet to discover these machines. 

The good news is that in the last few years the pace at which vending machine is being accepted by Indians have accelerated and the future is looking quite bright. Indians need to open their arms wider and welcome these tech-savvy unique vending machines that have the potential to incredibly ease their lives. 


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