Top Selling Vending Machine Items in India [March’24]

Hello everyone, Daalchini recently surveyed the consumers at various places such as schools, hospitals, and Industrial plants to study the food consumption patterns and Top Selling Vending Machine Items in India. 

Food has always been a personal choice and occasion driven, and understanding the food preferences is crucial to providing excellent service and restocking the food items in the vending machines according to the particular food choice. 


Let us see Top Selling Vending Machine Items and interesting outcomes of this study:


  1. In hospitals, the peak sale time was found to be around 8 A.M., and glucose biscuits, followed by orange juice and water bottles, were the most consumed items in the last six months.


2. The most surprising and exciting finding emerged from the students in the colleges and student hostels across North India, where the peak sale time was 4 A.M, and the students prefer indulging in early morning snacks, including Maggie, followed by Nachos, Thumbs Up, and Chocolates.


3. However, This pattern differs for the employees working in industries and manufacturing plants, where it was observed that the employees usually consumed according to their shift timings with multiple peak sales times at 3 A.M., 7 A.M., and 12 P.M., and the most preferred food choices were Samosa and Kachori, which accounted for over in six months followed by Bhel- Chiwda and then by Frooti and Maaza.

Distribution is always about the right availability. We were able to tailor the menu for workplaces, schools, hospitals, hostels, etc, and provide the RIGHT PRODUCT, at the RIGHT TIME, in the RIGHT QUANTITY to our customers with our AI-driven supply chain and serve the customer better while collating it centrally for efficiency. 

This data-driven approach helped us achieve higher than 80 NPS from customers.


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