Smart Vending Machine in India: Features & Uses [June’24]

Hello everyone, In this blog post, we are going to talk about a smart vending machine in India.

A machine that allows you to buy snacks and beverages easily at a touch of a button and sometimes even without that; sounds like magic doesn’t it?

Do we have great news for you? It’s real and we call it smart retail or intelligent retail which includes smart vending machines i.e. vending machines that have interactive touch screens, digital payments, contactless ordering, pre-booking, etc.

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions” and there was a need for an effortless and seamless instant ordering solution and Daalchini delivered it.

Daalchini offers you state-of-the-art vending machines that can accommodate every single one of your and your customer’s needs.

The previously available options weren’t healthy. Daalchini makes sure that you can buy healthy home-cooked meals along with snacks at our vending machines without even having to go to the machine and order!

Vending machine technology has come a long way since it was first used in ancient Rome to dispense holy water, in a controlled manner.

The earlier machines only accepted cash and coins. Even the more recent models were not equipped to offer remote monitoring, contactless ordering, etc.


What are smart vending machines?


Vending Machines with digital payments, apps for ordering, and cloud-connected systems for real-time monitoring are called Smart vending machines. They deliver products without the need for human intervention.


Features of smart vending machines


Smart vending machines can be easily distinguished from traditional ones, and are more efficient. Some of the most impressive features of vending machines are as follows: 

  • Touchpads and touchless screens to browse the menu, see the product details, add multiple products to the cart, place an order, etc.
  • Fast and secure transactions: Smart Vending Machines have digital payment options like UPI, e-Wallet, Debit/Credit Cards, Net Banking, Sodexo, etc. 
  • Contactless Ordering: It was introduced after Covid to provide safer buying options to consumers. It uses wireless communication via a mobile app that Daalchini offers. The transactions are all contactless which has become an important factor post-Covid.
  • Automated Refunds: In case of failed or canceled orders, the refunds are processed automatically.
  • Remote monitoring: Retailers can operate the business from anywhere and save money while increasing customer satisfaction. Therefore it increases efficiency.
  • AI-Driven approach: To sense and deliver personalized experiences, smart vending machines use artificial intelligence and analytics to analyze device data. They can provide the seller with vital customer information. 


Advantages of a smart vending machine


A smart vending machine has a plethora of benefits and advantages!

  • Sensing technology is used to monitor environmental conditions in order to ensure that perishable commodities preserve their quality.
  • Data analytics are used to track and manage inventory, and customer data is included in planning to ensure that vending machines are properly stocked.
  • They ensure that vending machines do not fall out of service, and maximize their efficiency through remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.
  • Any repairs and maintenance can also be done without any hassle.
  • To fulfill client demand and expand business growth, get new vending machines and mobile retail sites up and running quickly.
  • Improve decision-making and profitability by utilizing real-time data.
  • Uses security and authentication to process credit card and debit transactions quickly and securely from any location.
  • Built-in security features reduce the danger of tampering and product loss.
  • With proper and timely maintenance, these machines have a life of 8-10 yrs, and even then if any issues arise they can be dealt with remotely. For this very reason used or refurbished smart vending machines are also a great investment.
  • Smart vending machines are now available in the plug & play format which dismissed any assistance during the installation process. The electricity costs are also not very high.
  • Smart vending machines can be designed according to your requirements.


From the business perspective too, smart vending machines have proven to be good investments. The market size for smart vending machines is quite significant.

If you are thinking of stepping into this space, you have made the right choice and we are sure you have some questions.

We are here to help you sort them all out!

Daalchini has various business models for clients and business owners. If someone wants to start a vending machine business. Daalchini operates on a Franchise model so that you can start small and expand when you are ready. 

Anyone can become Daalchini’s Franchise partner and start a vending machine business in their city or state. 

Daalchini provides the entire end-to-end support and hand-holding required to start and run this business. 


How much does a smart vending machine cost?


Daalchini provides you with a smart, fully functional vending machine with all the required technology & support for a small initial investment of INR 1.5 lakhs to 2 Lakhs.

We also help you figure out the best placement location for your machine along with figuring out the re-filling schedule, maintenance, and logistics of the entire operation.

Daalchini also helps you to expand your business once you have found your footing in the business and optimized the entire operation!



Smart vending machines are the future of the ever-expanding retail and F&B space and you should not waste any more time grabbing your piece of the trade.

Reach out to us, today!


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