How to Fix Vending Machine Issues & Run Smoothly? [2023]

Hi, In this blog we are going to talk about the most common vending machine issues and how to solve them. Smart vending machines are becoming the new buzz in the unmanned retail sector and they are going to get more and more popular. 

They are quick, efficient, and most importantly, contactless. Everything from selecting the product to the collection is completely contactless and happens within a few minutes.

Vending machines are an important asset but they are, as the name suggests, machines!

Even the best, high-end machines can face issues if not operated properly or if they lack regular maintenance.

The machines need to be maintained and serviced at regular intervals to keep them running smoothly and provide seamless service to the customers.

Vending machines are a great modern-day solution but they aren’t without their issues. Thanks to technological advancements these issues rarely surface and even these can be very easily rectified by taking some basic measures.

Let us see what are the most common vending machine issues and how we can solve them:

First is The product gets stuck in the coil


If you’ve ever used a vending machine, you’ve probably seen an item get stuck on the way down to where you can collect it. 

This happens due to improper placement of product or when the size of the coil does not align with the size of the product

This problem has a simple solution.

  1. Proper product placement: Ensure that the product is placed properly in the coil. 
  2. Do test runs: It is a good way to look for any issues and sort them out right there so that customers do not face any issues and their experience is as smooth as possible.
  3. Practice due diligence while product selection: Choose the right size for your products. Do not choose unnecessarily big packs.


2. Vending Failed (Payment done but product not received)


This is a rare issue that happens due to internet failure or power cuts. During the vending process, if the power goes off or the internet connection is lost, customers will not get the product. Frequent power cuts may also damage the screen of the machine. 

Internet issues can arise due to bad weather or a technical issue from the side of the service provider. 

This issue can be resolved by simply using a backup power source like a UPS or inverter. If your area experiences 2 to 3 power cuts in a day having a backup is ideal. They help us to prevent any damage that could be caused to the vending machine.

And concerning the internet connectivity issues, always use an internet dongle as a backup internet source for vending machines.


3. Issues with the compressor


This is also a very rare issue and only arises with the vending machines that use compressors to regulate the temperature. 

Just like household refrigerators, these also need to be maintained but the frequency is very less.

This issue can be prevented by conducting proper and timely maintenance of the vending machines. 

Use a cloth or a brush to clean the coils to remove the dirt. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean the compressor of the vending machine. 


Issues with the App or Payment Gateways


There is a rare chance that the app starts malfunctioning, or there is an issue with the payment options.

To avoid these issues and prevent any misuse or play around with your machine, always use trusted software. Do not go with any random 3rd party software. 

Daalchini has built smart technologies for vending machines to make them efficient and error-free. 

Daalchini gets real-time updates about the health of all machines and our team acts immediately if any issue is reported.

We take pride in being a customer-first and technology-driven company and we stay true to that claim.

Nothing in the world is perfect but we have managed to create a technology and solution that is as close to perfect as we could have. 

Vending machines sometimes do face issues but they can be easily sorted.

We are going to be there for you to help you with everything you need to start or run your own vending machine business and solve vending machines issues if any.

Reach out to us today to know more!


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