Why skill development is important for youth today?

“We cannot always build the future of our youth, but we can build our youth for the future”- Franklin D.Roosevelt

Youth is the most important and dynamic segment of any country’s population. It is expected that countries with a large youth population will experience tremendous growth if they invest in young people’s education Without a doubt, today’s youth will be tomorrow’s innovators, creators, and leaders.

However, they require the necessary support in terms of opportunities and skills in order to transform the future and lead a nation to the zenith.

 Daalchini Skill Development


India is a country of young people, with 64 percent of its population of working age. While the populations of several countries, including China and Japan, are aging, India’s population remains young and poised for growth.

And the growth of a nation is directly proportional to the number of skilled individuals available, and India has plenty of it waiting to be trained.

How Daalchini is helping its delivery team to gain skills:

We at Daalchini are very much passionate about mobilizing youth ambitions and skills to build a better future for themselves and our world. We prepare young people with the skills through technical, vocational education, and training, so that they can close the well-documented skills gap and have a competitive edge that is needed in the world of work.

With technology becoming so advanced, we have been upskilling or training our employees in order to get them ready for jobs that will be in demand in the future.

We have trained our delivery partners and upskilled them with basic communication skills using the app to manage machines and warehouses to become distribution force, hub managers, sales executives with technical, operational & business skills.

We also train women and freelancers to help them become micro-entrepreneurs with Daalchini through our home chef option, franchise and Become a Daalchini Buddy program.

We have collaborated with various technical training course providers for our delivery partners so that they can upgrade their skills and can have a competitive advantage which is needed in the world of work to become successful.

Our objective is to empower youth not only for the development of an entire organization but also for their personal development as an individual as well.

As of today, we have successfully trained several delivery partners out of which 18 people have been promoted to higher posts in Operations, Tech, and Sales in the organization with satisfying salaries.

Final thoughts:

Youth has undeniable power. They can achieve anything they set their minds to. They can contribute to economic growth and help achieve the vision of a developed India if properly guided and given adequate resources and opportunities. We at Daalchini surely believe that and work progressively to empower young people to do better and achieve greater heights and success.

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