Monginis Franchise in India: Cost & Profit [June’24]

No matter which walk of life you’re from, we’ve all had a taste of Monginis once in our lives. With over 100 years of heritage, Monginis has always been a part of our birthdays, weddings, kitty parties and every sort of celebration. 

Be it the delicious cake slices in every birthday party or the appetising patties after a long hard day in college, Monginis has always been there to satisfy our palates. 

After so many years, Monginis has managed to perfect every single dish of theirs, and still manages to come up with new and innovative, delicious products every time.

Many smart entrepreneurs have made the correct decision to invest in a Monginis franchise, and now is your time to take that ingenious step!

Monginis has been blessing our taste buds since day 1, and now could bless your entrepreneurial journey!


Beginning of Monginis

The roots of Monginis dates back to 1902, when India used to be colonised. Europeans used to frequent their way into India either for trade or to settle.  Amongst these Europeans was a duo of brothers, the Monginis brothers who saw the famous Churchgate streets of Bombay as a prime setup location for a store.

This is how Monginis Ltd. came into being, which aimed to provide confectioneries for every sort of occasion. Soon, word spread about the Monginis bakery, and the brothers set up 2 more bigger and better Monginis outlets in Churchgate itself.

The original outlet was then converted into a site for more than pastries and cakes, with the ground floor assigned for a refreshment room and confectionery, the first floor into a dining hall, and the second floor into a reserved area for parties, receptions, weddings etc.

Delicious platings were served with classical music playing in the back along with an odd orchestra. 

The Monginis brothers were fruitful in implementing one of the most successful bakery outlets in India, but their success was short-lived. Soon, World War II came into play, and they had to leave the country, leaving their establishment in the hands of Khuranas who later sold it off to the Khorakiwallas in 1958. 

No changes were made to the 100 years old heritage even after the hand-off as it acquired a great customer base. The establishment experienced an expansion with around 75 outlets in Mumbai and other cities. 

Monginis Food Private Ltd. advanced their popularity and became a household name in 1971 with its savouries, cakes, specialty bread, cookies, chocolates, snack foods, take home gifts and party buntings etc. 

The Khorakiwallas made the brand into the first bakery in Bombay to serve vegetarian desserts and eggless cakes and were credited for that in 1997.


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Monginis Outlets

Monginis is a household name all over with the presence of more than 700 outlets. More than 1,40,000 customers visit the Monginis bakery on an average 

Besides the 700 outlets, Monginis’ cake products with the aid of their long shelf life are present in over 10,00,000 outlets in the country, with a great presence in railway stations, malls and supermarkets.


Monginis Menu

Monginis is set apart by the unending variety of offerings and the presence of a range of flavours. Monginis offers a variety of cakes including fruit cakes, tea cakes, frosted cakes, muffins, cream cakes, birthday cakes, packaged cakes, cup cakes, slice cakes, swiss cakes, bar cakes and many more.

Their menu also expands out to pastries, cookies, savouries like cheese corn patties, aloo patties, mushroom patties, veg patties, veg tarts, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches etc. 

They’re also famous for their donuts, namkeens, wafers, chocolates, toasts, breads, fruit rusks etc.


Reasons to Choose a Monginis Franchise

  • Smaller investments are required as compared to other well-established brands.
  • Growth in the industry is guaranteed.
  • Trusted and reliable brand name.
  • Changes in taste and preference.
  • The business model of a Monginis Franchise is simple.
  • The monginis retail chain offers the best ingredients at notably inexpensive rates.
  • The company offers bakery set up and design. 
  • New franchisees are provided month-long hands-on training in already established and operating Monginis outlets.
  • The company offers training.
  • The company offers a supply of uniforms.
  • The company is always coming up with new and appetising products with the aid of its R & D department. 
  • The company offers staff hiring.
  • The company offers a supply of baking products.
  • The company offers delivery tie-ups with big companies like Swiggy, Zomato, Food Panda etc.
  • Monginis helps in setting up a live kitchen which is capable of producing cakes in a mere sum of 5 minutes.
  • The company offers marketing support.
  • The company offers promotional support.
  • The target audience is wider.


Monginis Franchise Cost & ROI

While the investments depend greatly upon the location, model type, footfall etc, here’s an estimate of the costing of a Monginis franchise-

To set up a Monginis franchise, an investment of INR 12 to INR 15 L is required with the break-even period set at an estimate of 2 and a half years.

The brand fee for a Monginis franchise is set at INR 4.5 L. The expected monthly sales of a Monginis franchise are about INR 4.5 L.

The Return on Investment (ROI) time period is within 2 years. No royalty fee is charged by the company but the franchisee is requested to purchase all the baking products from the company.

The franchisee is also required to pay INR 1 L as security deposit, which will be returned in case the franchise doesn’t do well.

The minimum space requirement for a Monginis franchise outlet is 200 to 250 sq. ft. The projected gross margins for the franchise’s financial model is anticipated to be 42%.


Given below is an estimated break-up of all the necessary investments for a Monginis franchise.


Franchise Cost INR 12 L – 15 L
Break Even Period 2.5 Years
Royalty Fee nil
Brand Fee INR 4.5 L
ROI Time Period Within 2 Years
Minimum Space Requirements 200 – 250 sq. ft.
Security Deposit INR 1 L


Steps to Apply for a Monginis Franchise

STEP 1: Visit the official website of Monginis ( ).

STEP 2: On the official website of Monginis, you will come across a franchise form.

STEP 3: Fill the form with the necessary details including the applicant’s professional and personal past and submit it.

STEP 4: The franchise application will then be reviewed by the Monginis team and you will be contacted if you fulfil the criterions to own a Monginis franchise.

STEP 5: If the franchise application is approved, the franchisee and all the staff will be required to attend training classes. 


For further queries, you can contact the Monginis franchise team through the following email,  .



Eligibility Criterion for a Monginis Franchise

Monginis is a well established brand with a reliable customer base. Over the years, Monginis has proved to be a fruitful business. Hence, Monginis requires its future owners to tick a few criterions, including-


  • STAFF- A team of 5-6 staff members with adequate training in terms of sales, baking, customer interactions etc is required.


  • SKILL- The franchise owner must have documents backing the entrepreneurial or education skills that they acquire.

  • AREA- A minimum space of 200 to 250 sq. ft. in a prime location is required to establish a Monginis Franchise.



Documents Required to Own a Monginis Franchise

A number of documents or certificates are required to own your very own Monginis franchise, the list is given below-

  1. Standard Franchise Agreement
  2. PAN Card
  3. GST Registration
  4. Aadhar Card
  5. Rental Agreement
  6. Trademark Agreement
  7. Copy of FSSAI certificate granted to Monginis



Monginis has been present in India for a century now, and has still managed to retain its spotless image. Monginis has a wide, reliable and trustworthy customer base which will definitely add to the fruitfulness of owning a Monginis franchise as a business venture. So, pull up your socks, make the easy choice and invest in a Monginis Franchise right now!

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