10 Best Ways to Keep Employees Happy & Satisfied [2023]

Employees are the pillars of the organization. No organization can fulfill its goal if the employees are not dedicated, skilled, and motivated to thrive for the best. Such employees are the real assets of the company that every employer must retain. Your company won’t be able to survive the vicious competition that prevails in the market space without these employees. 

But how to ensure that such dedicated and hardworking employees who have been with you in your thick and thins will continue to do so? How to buy their loyalty?

If you think that you need to raise the salary to retain an employee, then you need to think again. Because a loyal and skilled employee will ask for much more than this in return for his or her years of association with the company. And they indeed deserve much more. 


But what? We are here with the answer.

This article will discuss the top 10 ways to ensure your employee’s happiness so that they feel valued and never think of quitting your company. 


  • Work on the Harmony Factor

It is important to make sure that your employees work in harmony and that there is no tiff between them and you. A collaboration where both parties are on the same page is bound to show positive results but the results can be horrible if it’s otherwise. 

And the best way to do so is by valuing your employees’ contributions and efforts irrespective of the results. If your employees are working hard but the results are not as expected then you must motivate them by appreciating their efforts rather than discouraging them. 

If you’re not threatening them well in such situations then you’re setting yourself up for failure. You need to remember that we humans are bound to make mistakes. 


  • Be Honest

Honesty is the best policy, and this saying applies in the corporative world aptly. 

Praising your employees for their efforts is a good practice but you must be honest. Giving true feedback is not only your responsibility but also ethical. But choose your words wisely while giving feedback. 

Feedback and the ability to understand employee concerns are important, but what you do after is critical to retention.

Don’t choose words that sound disrespectful as every employee has the dignity to maintain. So, first, praise them for their efforts and then guide them on ways to improve their work. In this way, your employee will feel happy to learn more and motivated to thrive for the best. 


  • Take Care of Employee’s Mental Health

Having a healthy mindset is crucial to attaining big goals. and this makes it imperative for every employer to keep a check on its employee’s mental wellness. You can do it in numerous ways such as by providing them with a clean environment or by allowing them to have lunch and snack breaks to refresh themselves. 

You can go creative as well. For instance, using wallpapers that carry any motivational quote will not only enhance the beauty of the workplace but will also play a key role in keeping employees motivated and productive throughout the day. 


  • Provide them Access to Healthy Food

You must treat your employees like your family if you want them to go all out for your organization. And the best way to keep your employees happy and healthy is by providing them access to their favorite snacks and beverages. And this can be done through a food vending machine. 

Many MNCs are installing these food vending machines to make sure that their employees get healthy snacks within the office premises. This will not only make them happy but will also ensure that they get their energy boost to deal with hectic office days.

Moreover, as your employees don’t need to travel outside the office to get their snacks, they will be having more time to get their office work done. This will make them more productive and you will have more profit on the table. 


  • Rewards are Crucial

Creating a team is a challenge but the bigger challenge is retaining them. You need to be on your toes to keep your gems with you. And one effective way to do this is by rewarding them. After all who don’t like rewards?

For employees, rewards mean recognition and when adequate recognition is prioritized, employees’ happiness surges, their motivation and dedication grow and they feel they are a great fit for their roles. 

If you will brush their efforts under the carpet, they will look for validation somewhere else and might end up joining your rival company. 


  • Embrace Flexible Timing

In today’s fast pace life, managing time is the biggest challenge. Your employees are dealing with the same issue. They are no different. If you help them in this pursuit, they will never leave you alone. 

To help your employees in balancing their personal and professional life, you can allow flexible working timing. This will make it easy for your employees to meet the daily target while managing their household duties. 

Advanced technologies like smartphones, laptops, and wearables, have made this possible. You can connect with your employee anytime through Zoom or Google Meet. Allowing your employees to work as freelancers or part-time employees. 

You can also embrace the work-from-home culture to help your employees in striking a balance between the personal and professional front. This will elevate their happiness and peace to a great height. 


  • Ask for your Employee’s Opinion

You need to be a true leader and a true leader is not one who dictates but he is someone who treats everyone equally. You need to be a good listener who seeks everyone’s opinion before taking the final decision. 

Making employees a part of the big picture will make your employee feel valued and they will always put their best foot forward. Employees always feel valued when they know company leaders trust their capabilities and skills. 

This will make a big difference in their happiness. But if you go by ‘my way or the highway’ then you might lose your company’s gems. 


  • Be Approachable

It is imperative for you to make sure that your employees can reach you. If you are not approachable then they might lose track or face hurdles in dealing with a project and such issues will demotivate them. 

On the other hand, if you will listen to them and guide them at each step, they will improve and will feel more confident. Thus, you need to be the wind beneath their wings. 

So, consider adjusting your schedule to accommodate any employee who wants to have an impromptu discussion. Be approachable to your staff. 


  • Work on Office Interiors

It is imperative to work on the interiors of the office wisely. A dull and boring look will turn employees lazy. The interior needs to be bright and formal. You must hire a professional team to look into this matter. 

You can add wallpapers that are having some motivational quotes on them. These wallpapers will instill more energy and zest in your employees and they will be more productive. 

Having a dedicated space with board games so employees can take a quick break or offering free coffee in the break room will make your employee’s stay in the office more fun. Last but not the least, do make sure that the place is hygienic. 


  • Don’t Escape Celebration 

Celebrations are important to moderate the hectic environment of the workplace. Regular celebration is neither possible nor logical but enjoying festivals with your staff by throwing parties should not be skipped. 

Diwali, Christmas, and new year are some of the occasions that need to be celebrated. Beyond these festivals, celebrating employees’ birthdays by cutting cakes will be a great idea. Such celebrations will be fun and will provide employees with a much-needed break. 



Professionals often feel more willing to work hard for a company that values their work and treats them like a family.

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