Benefits of Vending Machines in Colleges in India [2024]

Hi, in this blog we are going to talk about the importance and benefits of vending machines in Colleges. 

Colleges are all about youngsters who are known for their tech-savvy attitude. They deserve to be supported by advanced technology in the prevailing times that demand them to run faster than the speed of light.

One of the most popular technology-driven products is vending machines. These machines are playing a crucial role in enabling the young generation to cope with their fast-paced life.


Why are vending machines important in colleges?  

The availability and access of vending machines provide students with a more worthwhile option to get food, snacks, and hydration.

As per some reports, there are more than 30,000 colleges in India. These numbers are quite big and so are the profits that can be made post installing these machines in all of these colleges. These astronomically gigantic numbers are just one of the many reasons that justify the importance of vending machines in college.


Let’s have a deep insight into other advantages and benefits of vending machines:


  1. Easy access to healthy snacks options

Vending machines made it convenient for college students to enjoy Snacks, Beverages, Fresh food, Water bottles, Ready-to-Eat products, Juices, Milk Tetra Packs, etc. inside the college campus without going outside or to the canteen. 


Vending Machines work like a 24*7 tuck shop. Students can buy anything they want to eat without wasting time as these machines can be placed anywhere inside the college campus.

The best part about these machines is that they ensure the hygiene quotient of the snacks. And hygiene and food must go hand in hand. 


  1. Vending Machines allow professors to get their dose of energy

Teaching demands you to be active and alert round the clock. As a professor, you have to be on your toes throughout the college day. stay enthusiastic and energetic, professors need their favorite snacks that can inject a dose of energy into them.

Often, professors are not free at the same times in the day which means that they can’t go out in groups. In situations like these, grabbing something from the vending machine and heading back to class is the most convenient option. And this means more profits through vending machines.


Benefits of Vending Machine in Colleges for Business Owners:

The best part about installing vending machines in college is that you know the customer base and have a deep understanding of their likes and dislikes. This will help you immensely in stocking the vending machines in a way that they serve the students better. 

For instance, if you’re aware that most students prefer having energy drinks or a quick and healthy snack. You can stock more of those as opposed to items like chips and chocolate.

Do you know what is the best marketing tool?

It’s the word of mouth of your customers. Nothing is as tactful as the reviews that customers give. And with thousands of students in these colleges using these vending machines regularly, you just do not need to invest a single penny in any advertising strategy.

When a few students are impressed by the standard and items in your vending machine, they are going to tell all their friends to give it a try if they ever pass it.

Daalchini is India’s largest provider of smart vending machines for Colleges and Universities in India. We provide snacks and beverage vending machines, Fresh food vending machines, and stationery vending machines to Colleges.

Daalchini also provides 24*7 Customer Support for any help and assistance.

Vending machines are a quick and easy way to feed the hunger of the students in the college. Simply grab a bag of chips and a soda or any healthy snack and they’re all set to deal with the rest of the day.

Installing vending machines in colleges is a sure-shot way to get more bangs for your bucks while feeding the hunger of students and thus, these vending machines are extremely pivotal in colleges.

Author: Vartika Gaur

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