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Save 40 minutes and Rs.40 when you have Daalchini Vending Machine nearby.


Building a platform for brands and retailers to deliver under ₹99 food instantly at zero delivery cost through intelligent retail offerings including vending machines, smart fridges, and mobility retail solutions

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Reach Your Customers

Daalchini is an efficient, high-return customer acquisition platform for D2C brands offline.

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Start Your Vending Business

We are creating a community of Micro-entrepreneurs with low investment barriers & a faster payback period.

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24*7 availability of items for snacking needed for customers within 200 meters through smart vending machines.


Explore new and upcoming brands and experience them through smart vending machines.


Avail food and beverages in every category – frozen/chilled meals, savories, beverages, and desserts


Instant gratification product without paying for delivery charges or waiting time for delivery.


    Locate Daalchini near you


    Check out the menu, pay for your favorite meal or beverage.


    Enter Pickup code at Daalchini anytime in the next 30 mins to get your fresh food.

How It Works

  • Explore menu on an interactive touchscreen on vending machine

  • Order via App for more offers and 45 payment options

  • Scan QR code for 100% contactless pickup


Enter Pickup code at Daalchini anytime in the next 30 mins to get your fresh food

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Trusted by top clients in India

Built a strong client base of 100+ start-ups, co-working spaces, large MNCs, hospitals, educational institutes, and residential complexes

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What Our Customers Say

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Assistant Director at E&Y

I see a lot of vending machines where only packed food is sold. But, it is important as employees also to keep a check on our health and watch what we eat. I loved Daalchini’s healthy meal and snack options so much that I decided to decision to on-board their vending machine within the office premises.

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Lead-Operations, CoWrks

Love the concept of getting home-style food away from home. Daalchini kiosk is a great addition to our co-working space, cheers to the Team for making sure that fresh meals are available round the clock.

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Community Manager - SproutBox Suryavils (Delhi)

We are quite pleased with the quality and taste of your food and its quite on the reasonable side. Your rolls and Pav Bhaji is every Coworkers favourite. Keep up the good work Team.


Vending Machines are like a 24*7 tuck shop. These are completely unmanned kiosks where anyone can buy the product in few simple steps.

Few major benefits of vending machines are contactless payment, self-operated kiosks, 24*7 operational, digital payments available, no delivery fee, no waiting time for delivery, Automated Refunds, and compact and easy to install.

We have multiple types of vending machines and you can get one based on your requirement. We have snack vending machines, food vending machines, mobility vending machines for cabs, vending machines for buses, smart fridges, etc. You can contact our team to get more details.

Yes, Daalchini provides vending machines on a monthly rental service. You will get a 24*7 tuck shop service with our smart automated kiosks. Monthly rental is around Rs.5000 and it depends on the kind of location, footfall, etc.

You can sell your D2C products very easily through our smart chain of vending machines. There is a listing fee which you will have to pay to start selling on the Daalchini platform.

You can partner with us as a Franchise partner in your city or state. Daalchini provides all the support required to start a vending machine business in India. Daalchini helps you with technology, vendors, operations, warehouse, and logistics management. Contact us to know more.

Daalchini franchise starts at INR 1.5 Lakhs onwards and have a low maintenance cost, one can have customization done as per the requirement.

For rentals, we charge monthly rent is around Rs.5000.

About Daalchini

Daalchini is a company that is making great strides in the field of intelligent retail by offering automated kiosks, mobility-retail, and smart vending machines in India. The company recognized the need for easily accessible fresh healthy meals for city dwellers and connecting new and experienced retail entrepreneurs to set up their intelligent retail store with vending machines business. As a result, you can quickly scale up your business while partnering with Daalchini and can generate steady returns.

The company has successfully placed vending machines at various sites such as educational institutions, corporate offices, hospitals, and railway stations to provide people with access to fresh home-style and healthy meals transforming the Indian retail experience.

With Daalchini, businesses can quickly sell more and improve their vending machine business.