Tea Coffee Vending machine in India: Price & Rent [2022]

Imagine you have had a perfect weekend, slept in, read the book you had been wanting to read, went out for a brunch with your friends, and had a lot of fun. But now it is time to go back to reality and the Monday morning blues are creeping up on you.

The only way to chase these blues away is a strong cup of coffee or a kadak chai. 

You hurriedly reach the office but you see that a crowd is hogging the kitchen space and you are getting anxious by the second but what is the alternative?

Presenting the tea and coffee vending machine! It allows you to have your daily caffeine shot without any hassle.


What are tea and coffee vending machines?

Machines that serve you delicious hot tea and coffee at the touch of a button! A coffee vending machine is an automatic dispenser of one or more types of coffee. Similarly, a tea vending machine dispenses tea. You can also choose from the variety of options they offer!

They have a section near the center where a paper cup or mug is placed onto a small platform before being mechanically being filled with coffee or tea after a specific button on the machine is pressed. 

Some machines dispense tea or coffee free of cost for employees or staff in their offices.


How does it work?

Depending on the make and model of the machine, you need to fill in the container that holds the beans and tea leaves whenever the machine runs out of them. 

Using a vending machine allows you to optimize the beverage per kg for the beans or tea leaves being used.

After the containers have been filled, the users only need to choose the kind of coffee that they want, pay and the machine takes care of the rest.

You place your mug or a paper cup which the machine automatically detects and prevents spilling.

There are some vending machines that also just dispense tea leaves and coffee beans. These can be purchased and used at the consumer’s houses.


Tea and Coffee vending machines Price

The machines can cost anywhere from INR 15,000 to INR 50,000 depending on the type of machine that you have.

Semi-automatic ones are on the cheaper side as opposed to the fully-automatic ones.


Tea and Coffee vending machines on Rent for Office

There are a few companies that provide tea and coffee vending machines on a monthly rental also. You can get a tea coffee vending machine on rent for your office in various Indian cities like Delhi-NCR, Ahemdabad, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Surat, and other major Indian cities.


The best locations for Tea and coffee vending machines

Coffee and Tea vending machines are very useful in places where there are no coffee shops or where they close early. 

Some hospital coffee shops, for example, are part of cafeterias that close at 6 p.m., despite the fact that visiting hours are at least until 8 p.m. 

When the other food and beverage facilities are closed, hospital personnel, patients, and visitors may appreciate a hot beverage. 

A coffee vending machine is likely to be recognized as a pleasant convenience beyond typical cafeteria hours on university campuses as well.

Tea and coffee vending machines are a great option for offices. The employees often take short ‘coffee breaks’ and having a machine on the premises is gonna save a lot of their precious time. 

The entire process is safe and contactless and is an added benefit. 


Tea and Coffee Vending machines for Businesses

Vending machines are a great way to expand businesses for small coffee shop owners and cafe owners. They can invest in a vending machine and allow their customers to enjoy their coffee at multiple locations.

The investment is very low compared to opening up a new location altogether and will lead to an increase in profits.


Are Tea and Coffee vending machines profitable?

Over 55% of the Indian population reported either drinking tea or coffee. The market size for both these popular beverages is huge and if placed strategically, healthy profits are guaranteed!



Vending machines are making lives easier. You can get almost anything at the touch of a button. The novelty of having good tea and coffee whenever you want is an opportunity, everyone will appreciate. 

This is a space that is never going to see any stagnancy and thus is a great trade to be a part of.


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