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Vending Machines are automated and smart machines that provide snacks, beverages, food, health products, etc. Vending machines can be differentiated on various parameters like size, capacity, power consumption, temperature, etc.

Daalchini provides all types of vending machines across the country. Get vending machine prices for snacks, beverages, food, stationery, health products, cold drinks, soda, milk, etc.

A vending machine can be installed in offices, hospitals, manufacturing plants, hotels, schools, colleges, malls, airports, hostels, PGs, etc.
There are numerous benefits of having a vending machine on your premises. A vending machine works 24*7 providing all necessary products to customers. Vending machines are a very cost-effective solution as compared to a cafeteria or a tuck shop.

Daalchini Vending machines have all the digital payments like UPI, e-wallets, debit/credit cards, net banking, Sodexo, etc. You can pay using apps like Paytm, PhonePe, GPay, etc.

Smart Vending Machines with Meals and Beverage assortment.

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Product Features

Capacity upto 250-300
Assortment Meals & Beverage
Cooling Unit Available
Internet SIM based internet & wi-fi
Min. Investment 1.5 L
Payment Digital
Vending Automatic Vending
Power 220 Volts